The Most Weird Yet Profitable Jobs

Employment is something that worries many people. Finding a job in your domain can be difficult, but when you find the right job it makes all those worries go away. Being stable in your employment oft

Employment is something that worries many people. Finding a job in your domain can be difficult, but when you find the right job it makes all those worries go away. Being stable in your employment often means that you are becoming stable in your finances as well. Financial worries are usually at the forefront of people minds and this makes finding a job, any job, very important.

Going to a job you love can make a huge difference is your life. If you like your job, you will be willing to make an effort in the workplace which can usually lead to a raise. Regardless of how strange the job is, it still brings in money and if you weren't doing it someone else would be doing it in your place.

There are some jobs that are not the first that come to mind when you think of your career. However, just because they are strange or not very popular does not mean that they do not bring in a good salary.

This article will give you ten jobs that no matter how hard you try, you will probably not get a business plan for them. They are unique and most likely you don’t even know they exist. Nevertheless, these weird jobs are delivering value to customers from all corners of the world. Just read to learn more about them.

10 Murder Scene Clean-up

Well, you probably never thought that anyone could be doing this job in open day light but believe it. ServiceMaster by Best which is located in Wichita specializes in disaster cleaning and restoration. They also have part of their effort focused on crime scene clean-up. For example, they have experts who clean-up murder scenes. If are thinking they are making cents from this job, you are wrong. According to Lazarus (owner of the business) the cost of a single murder scene clean-up ranges from $1000 to as high as six figures.

9 Celebrity Photo Broker

What if you spotted Kim Kardashian walking around at the grocery store? You would have a lot of stories to share with your friends. A website called Meet The Famous lets you connect with celebrity and gossip magazine. Its simple, the moment you spot a celebrity, you just take a snap and then you send it to Meet The famous. They edit it and send it to their more than 10,000 outlets. They are making good money from these photos. In fact, if a photo gets accepted by a media outlet, the photographer gets 60% which will normally average between $10-$1000.

8 Afterlife Avatars

Avatars are popular but have you ever thought of afterlife avatars? A company in Alabama called virtual eternity program gives families a chance to digitally create an avatar of each member so that they can be preserved in an interactive time capsule for their future generation to see them. In this program, families have a chance to share with a digital clone of their grandparents, children and sisters. Virtual eternity cost ranges from $5.95 per month for their personal plan to $24.95 per month for their virtual eternity plan.

7 Outsourced Dating Service

This is particularly useful to those who find themselves too busy to cope with online dating requirements. Virtual dating assistants offer them a way out. The company which was created in 2010 enables busy singles to wholly delegate their dating chores to seasoned experts. The company does it all. Right from choosing the best dating site, setting the date, time and the location of the 1st face to face meeting. You probably never thought this existed but it does. The cost ranges from $360-1440 depending on the work the client wants performed.

6 Customized Romance Novels

Each day you have a new novel to read, but what if you ever wanted to be the hero in your own romance novel? To turn your dream into reality, just visit This website which was founded by Kathy Newbern and Fletcher, will definitely insert you and your partner as the main characters in their personalized romance novel. It looks weird but it’s real. It’s what they do. Paperback version of their novels will cost you $49.95 but you can pay $74.95 and have your photo inserted. Hardbacks will cost you $49.95 and if you want to have a photo, you will pay $99.95.

5 Spandex Suits

Since its inception on the onset of 2008, Superfan Suits has specialized in making full body spandex outfits. These are meant to be for those sport fans who want to create an impression at the stadium. The suits are available in a wide variety of colors and they cover the whole body. What is even more amazing, the jobs is well paying and the company is soon expanding its outlet to cover retail shops across the country. Currently, the company has on average 100 suits on offer and each cost between $50 and 64 dollars.

4 Ancestor Detective

Untangling a complex family into its branches can be a tedious task. No one seems to understand this any better than Ancestral Discoveries. The firm which was commenced by Janice Sellers in 2006 that helps individuals who want to dig up their personal family history. They have experts who will research the history on your behalf or they will train you on how to conduct the research yourself. The Founder, Janice Sellers, says that she was always fond of learning about her family history but when she started helping friends, she learnt it’s something she could do for a career. Sellers charges between $50-70 dollars per hour for her service plus other expenses that may arise.

3 Dog Sledding

The Muddy Pay Sled Dog kennel gives adventurist in New Hampshire a fast variety of dog sledding trips that range from overnight voyage via the white mountains, to short ones as quick as a 20-minute ride. The kennel consists of more than 100 sled dogs including Siberians, malamutes and Alaskan huskies. Their overnight trip cost $1,010 for a couple and it features a 50 mile trip via the snowy woods of New Hampshire.

2 Secondhand Cardboard Box Market

Box Cycle which was founded in 2008 helps individuals find and get rid of used cardboard boxes. They operate a market in San Francisco where retails, individuals and recyclers are able to fetch a price for their used cardboard boxes with less effort and time. On the other hand, buyers of second hand cardboard boxes will easily find what they want in this market. If you have old cardboard boxes, they will make you between $0.38 cents and $1.25.

1 Dryer Vent Cleaning

Well all know that huge amounts of lint can accumulate in a dryer even with just a single use. However, San Antonio’s Alisa LeSueur wants individuals to consider how much lint can collect inside the duct pipe that runs from the laundry room to the outside which is usually huge amount of filth that has accumulated. This is what dry vent cleaning helps you do. It’s unlikely that someone would work on duct pipes, however, they do. In fact, if you want to have yours cleaned, you will have to part with $78 to as more as $145 depending on the accessibility of the vent and the size of your house.

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The Most Weird Yet Profitable Jobs