The Most Dangerous Job in America

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that the most dangerous job in america is being a logger, but before I continue I would like to bring up the fact that this is the most dangerous job in America, this is excluding the rest of the world.


The dangers of this job is clear and self explanatory  falling trees, saws, animals, etc. This list can go on and on, if you've ever seen any shows about logging such as Ax Men on History Chanel you should know what i'm talking about. Adding to the danger is a small salary, with the average logger being at $17 an hour, you'd think they would make more because of the potential danger.

Along with the poor conditions and salary there has been a decline in this industry, mostly due to the technological industry taking over. Whats hurting the logging industry the most is that schools across the country are starting to switch to Tablets and personal computers for their students, but to the logging industries convenience schools with limited funding will not be making the change for a long time, and also they will have foreign countries to fall back on in the future. The last flaw I will point out is all the opposition to deforestation, every day they go to work they realize there are people who hate them because they are "killing mother nature". Green movements have influenced the industry more then you think, but the influence is bad for business.

After all this why do people choose to be loggers? Well a lot of loggers take pride in being "Men of the wilderness". People like that are not interested with our capitalist way of life and becoming rich, you see in the end its all about enjoying their job, and what better way to do that then to be able to work in the wilderness.

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The Most Dangerous Job in America