The Highest Earnings Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

So you really think you need a college degree to land a high-paying job? Think again. There are many lucrative jobs out there that don’t require you to spend many years in an institution of higher lea

So you really think you need a college degree to land a high-paying job? Think again. There are many lucrative jobs out there that don’t require you to spend many years in an institution of higher learning and then spending as many years or more paying off your student loans.

Don’t take this the wrong way. We are not saying you should not get a college degree, just that there are other options available for you out there if you don’t have one.

10 Electrical powerhouse repairer – Median annual wage: $65,230

An electrical powerhouse is an electrical generating station or plant. To be a repairer you just need a postsecondary non-degree award. You also have to study basic electronics and repair, of course, and anything else the company requires you to master. Powerhouse and substation electrical repairers are also called field technicians because they often have to travel to other locations to repair equipment or perform preventive maintenance.

Powerhouse and substation electrical repairers may also be tasked to measure voltage, current and resistance with various tools. If faulty parts or equipment is found, repairers may be tasked to either repair it or remove it and send it to a repair shop or a parts manufacturer.

9 Power plant operator – Median annual wage: $65,360

You just need a high school diploma for this one. So what does a power plant operator do? His main job description is to control, operate, or maintain machinery to generate electric power.

His other job descriptions include: adjusting controls to generate specified electrical power, or to regulate the flow of power between generating stations and substations; controlling and maintaining auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, fans, compressors, condensers and auxiliary power. Plant operators are also tasked to monitor and inspect power plant equipment and indicators to detect any operating problems and make minor repairs if these can be done.

8 Casino manager – Median annual wage: $66,960

Casino managers, or gaming managers, are tasked to oversee the day-to-day operations of gaming facilities. Their duties include supervising casino personnel, monitoring the gambling floor, directing security services and checking that gaming rules are followed. They also have to make sure the casino is always in compliance with gambling regulations.

It's not required to have a  college degree to work as a casino manager, although many employers tend to favor applicants who have at least a two-year associate's degree, have good communication skills and are familiar with mathematics. You might also be required to have a gaming control or gambling commission license.

If this is what you feel like doing, remember that you can’t succeed without good management and strong customer service and interpersonal skills.

7 Detective or Criminal Investigator – Median annual wage: $68,820

Detectives go by many names; criminal investigator, agent and plainclothes investigators, to name a few. Their duties are also varied. Detectives can be tasked to protect people, gather facts for criminal cases, assist police during raids, keep records of incidents, conduct interviews, observe suspects’ activities and also to testify in court if necessary.

Remember that the law varies from state to state with what a detective can or cannot do.

Detectives are usually required to have at least a high school diploma or one to two years of college coursework. As this is demanding job, there will also be screening for stamina, agility and firearms proficiency.

6 Power Distributor and Dispatcher – Median annual wage: $68,900

Think of this as an upgraded power plant operator. Their main task is to coordinate and regulate electricity.

Their other tasks include operating power distribution equipment and machines, monitoring switchboard and control board readings to ensure proper power operations, recording data on power demands and usage and responding to emergencies like transformer or transmission line failures. this job only requires the applicant to have a high school diploma

5 Elevator Installer and Repairman – Median annual wage: $70,910

This should be self-explanatory. However, the job does not end with installing and repairing elevators, dumbwaiters or escalators. People with these jobs are also tasked to test newly installed equipment to ensure that it meets industry specifications; determine any malfunctions in brakes, motors, switches, and signal and control systems; and check that safety regulations and building codes are met.

Their jobs are not limited to buildings. They can also work on industrial elevators used in ports, mines and other places.

4 Nuclear Power Reactor Operator – Median annual wage: $75,650

This is perhaps one of the more stressful jobs in the no-degree category. Nuclear power reactor operators are, of course, tasked to primarily control nuclear reactors.

They are also assigned to respond to system or unit abnormalities, diagnosing the cause and recommending the corrective action; note malfunctions in equipment, instruments, or controls, and report these to their supervisors; monitor all systems for normal running conditions and running checks on equipment.

Remember, it is only the nuclear power reactor operators that are standing between safe nuclear power use and a Chernobyl incident.

3 Administrative Services Manager – Median annual wage: $77,890

Administrative services managers essentially ensure businesses run smoothly. Their tasks include presiding over facilities management; allocating office space; and overseeing the mail department and materials scheduling.

They can also be assigned to answer directives from directors of administration, plan long and short-term maintenance needs oversee support services and modernize and update equipment if necessary. The minimum amount of schooling needed for this job is a high school diploma or the equivalent of such.

2 Commercial pilot – Median annual wage: $92,060

This is perhaps one of the more fun jobs in the no-degree category. Pilots fly planes and make sure their passengers get to where they should safely. This might sound simple enough, but they actually have subtasks to fulfill.

The pilots are also responsible for checking the aircraft prior to flights in order to make sure everything is functioning properly. They also have to check the baggage has been properly loaded; set the flight path and choose altitudes and speeds to ensure a fast and safe flight. They also have to consider airport altitudes, outside temperatures, plane weights, wind speed and other factors needed to safely fly and land the plane.

They also have to coordinate with the ground crew to make sure everything is ready and the control tower to make sure they are clear for takeoff and landing.

Despite its being fun, also remember that whenever pilots fly they become responsible for the lives of their passengers.

1 Air Traffic Controllers – Median annual wage: $108,040

There are actually several kinds of controllers who make sure your plane takes off and lands safely: Air traffic controllers communicate with pilots via radio to make sure safety procedures are followed and to ensure that flights leave and arrive on time.

Approach controllers take over from the area controllers as aircrafts approach the airport. They give clearance for the aircraft to approach the airport. If there are many aircrafts in the air, this controller will put all approaching aircraft into a sequence to make sure they all land efficiently and safely.

Then there are the aerodrome controllers, these are the ones who guide the pilots in to make a safe landing, they also assign the runway it can land on and which passenger bridge it can use to dock.

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The Highest Earnings Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree