The Highest Earning Internet Jobs

More than ever before, the clamor for working from home has risen to new highs with the present generation of workers dissatisfied being daily commuters whose life is straight jacketed by an office an

More than ever before, the clamor for working from home has risen to new highs with the present generation of workers dissatisfied being daily commuters whose life is straight jacketed by an office and its inflexible demands. Highly qualified and capable workforce across the globe are finding work through the internet which is earning them not only lucrative pay packages but helping them fulfill their commitments at home which may include looking after very young children or ageing elders. In times that have proved to be challenging for businesses globally, employees in turn are looking at outsourcing as the most important means to drive their cost effectiveness.

A surge in Internet jobs has opened up for a large workforce, ready to reap the benefits of the virtual office. Back office positions and data processing have both featured as some of the fastest growing internet jobs in the last five years and more so in the last two. Here’s a look at internet jobs that can get the global internet workforce the highest pays.

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10 Corporate English Trainers

Many in the corporate workforce in countries across the globe that have now opened their markets to the west particularly China, Japan, Korea and Germany, need their professional staff to be able to communicate with their clients in English .This is where the corporate English tutor comes in. The language expert provides lessons on how to make professional small talk or how to conduct a meeting and respond to queries in the perfect corporate language. Articulate native English speakers are known to provide the service via Skype on live internet.

9 Teachers

Core subjects like English, Sciences and history are what is demanded from this virtual online faculty. Teachers not wanting to confine themselves to a chalkboard environment of the classroom, may opt for providing either pre-recorded lessons or live via Skype. There are websites dedicated especially to matching tutor to students in the virtual classrooms and the pays may be higher than $30,000 a year. From helping students cope with exams to supporting home work and assignments, the virtual tutor looks into the academic support in its totality.

8 Vacation Planning Counselor or The Virtual Concierge

Earning as much as $11-20 per hour, this highly primped and prompt service providers, who were traditionally seen at hotel desks, has now moved to a different realm. Their services may be accessed online through chat or via messages on the phone. As a virtual Concierge you could be preparing vacation itinerary or answering questions about the best restaurant or mode of transport available. The service provider has to research the same and send in the answers to the queries as accurately and promptly as possible.

7 Customer Service Representatives

Considered the largest online job which pays well, customer service representatives are meant to be keen listeners with the gift of the gab so as to appease the customers’ frayed nerves, help place an order, find a right size or help complete forms. Most firms who hire such customer service representatives vet companies who in turn expect the representatives to take on all customer queries, log their complaints or better still, find a solution to all of them. This workforce in fact forms the first line of defense for any firm wanting to maintain a great company-customer bond. One may earn up to $20 per hour depending on the industry that you may be serving.

6 Web Search Engine Evaluator

A Web search evaluator has to be a Google fanatic who is familiar with many cultures to be able to understand if a particular term typed in would elicit the correct response from the search engine. When one types in a term for search on Yahoo! or Google, an algorithm determines what pages will open up to you. However, this too needs a certain human intervention in terms of understanding how people may perceive a search term to be. Thus while one may be looking for Heavy Metal-someone needs to determine if it’s for music or real metals. Very low requirements of educational qualification but respectable pays touching $20 an hour makes this a popular well paid online job.

5 Grant Writers

From scholars to companies and organizations, grant writers have been a traditional job which has now moved to the home-base. As a grant writer you may work for a single organization or may service multiple clients through your online desk. The key to this position lies in your ability to write most compelling applications for grants and prepare proposals in the most innovative and fresh manner that would catch the imagination of the reader.

4 Human Resource Recruiting Coordinator

The hub of all employment generating opportunities too has logically moved to the virtual world just as most of the work force. The recruiting coordinator needs to reach out to the relevant strata of qualified individuals who are interviewed and subsequently put through the training process, all of which can be done online. The selection process is entirely handled by this coordinator who has to understand the company’s need for certain skilled workers and then generate a viable pool of workers. From managing job postings, speaking with candidates and making available industry appropriate training, all of it is handled by the recruiting coordinator.

3 Medical Transcriptionists

A traditional transcription job which is now done online is one of the highest paying online jobs fetching approximately $1,100 a week. All that the transcriptionist needs to do is type out the medical case papers of the doctor or simply digitize the data that is made available on audio or on paper. Mainly hired by pharmaceutical companies, the transcriptionist needs to have basic understanding of medical terms and the ability to prepare reports from memos.

2 Telephone Nurse

The pay scale is competitive with the regular nurse’s salary at $55,000 per year. The burgeoning online health industry has ensured that your virtual nurse is always just a chat away. From health insurers to health management companies and doctors, all need online nursing assistance for managing cases, providing emergency advice and treatment authorization.

1 Virtual Assistants

Unlike traditional secretaries who worked for a single employer, a virtual assistant juggles multiple employers and works as a contractual worker. The critical abilities include preparing memos, writing project reports, setting appointments and taking a barrage of calls throughout the day. A thorough understanding of the use of social media, book keeping and event management are the other key elements which can take you to a pay slab of $50-60 per hour.

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The Highest Earning Internet Jobs