The Current Hottest Careers Right Out Of School

Someone's profession is a path of utmost importance to each individual. It is an essential factor to the sort of life an individual wishes to lead. After a particular age, young men and women set them

Someone's profession is a path of utmost importance to each individual. It is an essential factor to the sort of life an individual wishes to lead. After a particular age, young men and women set themselves up for a lucrative career hunt after they have spent years studying in school. In any case, work and vocation for youth are not what they were, say, ten or five years back. The progressions achieved by engineering, new working practices, new sorts of work, and worldwide rivalry imply that individuals need to be more adaptable, ready to redesign their aptitudes and fit to arrange and administer their career. However, the sad part of the story is that, very few numbers of youth are professionally competent at this age while most take up a profession under parental pressure instead of analyzing the current trend or capitalizing on their own talent.

By the end of the school stage, a teenager is expected to be self-responsible for their career and parents in no way should assert their authority over them. It’s true that many good ideas and inventions have already been created or thought of, but that doesn’t mean there is no scope for innovation. In today’s market, money can be earned in the weirdest ways; something which could not have been a possibility a decade back. It’s time to say goodbye to traditional beliefs and get neck in neck with the current hot trends; whichever suits your style. Always remember one thing “Job Satisfaction is more than money”.

Speaking of which, here is a list of the top ten current hottest careers to choose from, once you get out of school.

10 Modeling: A Career Based on Appearance

If you posses a unique style, good personality, acting skills and a charming face, these would be stepping stones to your career in films. Modeling is a competitive market but an easy way to attract fame, apart from money.

For a model, there is no fixed payment package; it depends on the nature of work and his/her popularity. An average of 600$-700$ can be made monthly including two to three advertisement contracts. However, the foremost emphasis should be on impressing the big designers who are always in search of young blood. Once popular, you can earn thousands of dollars by making use of the brand.

9 Teaching: Molding the Minds of the Future

Teaching is a profession, but it can also be a passion, and when this passion oozes out, the satisfaction gained is priceless. Teaching does not only imply all those theoretical subjects you had to mug up in school, but the one that you always wanted to be taught. Nowadays, the education system has changed a lot and one can easily fit their subject of interest into the scheme of things.

8 Photography: Capture a Masterpiece

It’s hard to find people who don’t like capturing an absolute masterpiece. However, in today’s era, photography has become sophisticated and sometimes a rookie snaps an amazing piece, thanks to auto-adjustments on their camera. If taken seriously, photography can be a lucrative career option for any individual.

As a beginner, you can make as much as much as $50-$100 per assignment; which is dependent on your quality of work more than quantity. Once you enter the elite panel of photographers, you can charge up to $1000 per shoot or much more for a long term assignment. All you need is a well maintained portfolio backed up by good editing skills and your photos will speak for you

7 Fashion Designing: Setting the Trends

A decade ago, careers in fashion designing were restricted to wealthy and powerful families. However, in the contemporary world things have changed a lot and talent is given more preference than recommendations. Not only do you get the chance to meet famous people but also acquire the knowledge of various styling sense. The fact that fashion comes naturally from inside means no school can make you an expert; a prime example being Tommy Hilfiger, who without any fashion schooling went on to become a millionaire.

Provided you stick to your niche and work hard at it, your designed wardrobe may be up there in the hottest collection list; the one that sells at hefty prices. As a newbie, you may well be employed for $500 a month and you can take it on from there to more than $5,000 given that you are serious about fashion designing.

6 Sports: Earn Money from your Hobby

Talk about making your hobby, a profession. Ten years ago people would have laughed at you if you would have said something like this. In those days, sports were considered as a recreational activity which people discontinued after their school days. However, today one can make a serious career out of it given that he is dedicated and committed as a true sportsman.

The first step should be to play at the national level, gain experience and then go for the kill. The amount of respect a devoted sportsperson earns is priceless, while his monetary value can reach extreme heights. In sports, you can win a $1,000 reward for being best player of the day or nothing on any odd day. Earnings completely depend on your performance and this certainly keeps the game spirit going.

5 Journalism: Getting Creative

Have you always wanted to utilize your bold, creative and imaginative mind in order to portray it in writing? If so, a career in journalism is an great choice. Once you decide to write, there are numerous options in media such as advertising, marketing, electronic and print. You can use your creative skills to express the best in you. The amazing thing about this field is that if you do well, you get noticed automatically and may also get a good offer by a magazine or a publishing company without you having to approach them.

As a beginner you can make around $300-$400 a month, but depending on your story’s feedbacks and your piece of writing, you can earn more than you expect to. In a profession like this, one can get promotions quickly depending on the quality of work they provide. An article could make a difference between a salary of $500 a month as sub-editor and $1,000 a month as an editor.

4 Advertising: Turning Vision into Reality

The advertising industry is ever growing and a majority of young people have joined the force recently owing to its demand and popularity. No degrees and no special criteria is required; all you need are a good communication skills and sales pitch techniques. However, this job is not only confined to manual labor but also through internet marketing and online advertisements.

A good amount of easy money can be made in this field, depending on the number of sales achieved by the company. From an average monthly salary of $400 on a trainee level, it can go all the way up to $3,000 as an Art director. The good thing about this industry is that, you get noticed very quickly and you don't have to wait long for big offers

3 Freelancing: Work From Home

Today’s generation is lazy, they want everything from home, and they aspire to be their own boss. Freelancing has given a lot of young individuals a platform to showcase their talent and earn a passive income. The variety of work ranges from logo designing to article writing, app development to content development, programming to translation and any sort of work that clients request for. You can work within the comfort of your home and aim for maximum productivity as compared to what you would under the office-pressure.

Of all the freelancing jobs, writing is the easiest one and you can earn around $5 an article or more. If you have a background in designing or programming, $100-$200 are easy pickings per assignment. Other works include Website hosting and blog management for which you can easily charge around $10/hr.

2 Information Technology: The Age of the Computer

The age of computers is an apt name given to the modern world in which we live. Everything has gone online and people want quick solutions without having to wait in line. Information technology over the last ten years has gone a long way by leaps and bounds. Owing to a good work profile and high pay-out, this is a line of work many recent graduates would like to be in.

A beginner level software or hardware engineer can make around $500-$600, although the main emphasis should be on gaining experience. A junior programmer analyst is normally salaried at $300-$400/month, however promotion to senior position($700-800$) is quick owing to the nature of work experience. Multinational companies like Microsoft and Google often recruit experienced campaigners. With all the expertise in this field, you can easily open up your own company.

1 Network Marketing: Embrace Entrepeneurship

As per a recent study, a majority of students all over the world have embraced entrepreneurship and have welcomed network marketing as the best career to be had. This type of marketing includes profit not only from your sales but also the sales of people joining beneath you known as “Downline”. A good persuasion skill and dedication upfront will directly affect the number of downlines you have.

In a field like this, there is no limitation on the amount of money you can make. You can start with 10$ a day and mount it up to $1,000. To reach the highest point would require some extra effort but you can make it there with determination and perseverance. The prime inspiration for any network marketer today is Robert Kiyosaki who once said “When times are bad is when the real entrepreneur emerge. Go for it”

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The Current Hottest Careers Right Out Of School