The Best Work-From-Home Jobs

The workplace truly has changed within the last 20 years. Where it used to be imperative for individuals to go into an office and work nine to five, Monday through Friday, technology has changed the w

The workplace truly has changed within the last 20 years. Where it used to be imperative for individuals to go into an office and work nine to five, Monday through Friday, technology has changed the way that we are able to get work done. There are many companies that will hire individuals, but will never even have them come into the office to get their work done. The connectivity of the World Wide Web is what allows this new style of work to exist, and there are now many new jobs that can be done from home, or on the road. This can be beneficial for many peoples’ personalities and lifestyles, allowing for a bit more flexibility in life.

Despite the potential for a more relaxed atmosphere, there is a certain level of self-discipline necessary for one to be able to work from home. It is a wholly different ball game, with no manager or boss checking up on you regularly. Someone who works from home has to decide when they wake up and when they go to bed. They need to decide when they take their lunch breaks. They need to determine how many hours they are going to work each day. Working from home is really only suitable for those who have well developed skills in self-discipline.

Again, there are perks, and working from home allows for a certain amount of freedom. For those who are family oriented, they can stay close to their loved ones and keep a watchful eye over children. In that way, home offices can be a wonderful place where an individual can get all of their work completed and also be close to their family. Of course, not every profession is suitable for that kind of lifestyle, with certain jobs being the best for those who would like to work at home. Here are some of those jobs that can, with a little hard work, be done from home.

5 Tax Accountants – Median Salary: $31,000

For those who are certified public accountants, preparing taxes for individuals can be a profitable business that you can run from home. Preparing taxes requires an in-depth knowledge of tax law, which means keeping up with the different updates that are rolled out each year by congress. If a CPA gets a good number of clients, they will be busy through tax season, and may make enough money that they can take a lot of time off later in the year. Having a professional home-based business is imperative when becoming a tax accountant. They need to meet with clients, and often need to have a professional home office in order to see them.

Usually, to become a knowledgeable tax accountant, one must go through four years of a formal business degree. Pursuing a business degree, an individual will learn the ins and outs of tax law. It is also a great idea for an individual to take upon an internship while they are going to school, as tax accountants will become much more proficient at their job after they have been practicing for a few years. The real learning comes from the real world experience of actually taking care of people's taxes.

4 Graphic Designer – Median Salary: $42,000

Being a graphic designer is a great job opportunity for someone who is a creative and skilled artist. For someone who loves to make designs and logos, it can be easy to this skill and turn it into a graphic design career. Most times it is a great idea to go to a two or four year school to learn the ins and outs of graphic design. Other times, if someone is experienced enough with graphic design, and is good enough with their people skills, they can start their own graphic design company by simply acquiring clients and completing professional jobs for them.

Graphic design is a great career for someone who wants to work from home. It is very easy to set up a home office with the necessary tool needed for graphic design. Graphic designers can either start up their own business or be contracted to work with larger corporations. The graphic designer will find that the more jobs they do, the better they become at completing quality projects. Finally, building a name in the local business community is important to do if you want to be a successful graphic designer who works from home.

3 Freelance Writers And Authors – Median Salary: $55,000

For those who have proficient writing skills, freelance writing could be a great way to earn an income working from home. Putting your writing skills to work and making money with that skill can be a difficult task. It can be difficult to stay motivated throughout a whole day when writing articles on dull or unfamiliar topics. For example, a creative writer with a talent for short stories may have a difficult time writing about topics in the medical field. However, by developing the skills to write technically, an author will be able to create a great work situation where they are able to write from home and make a steady income.

There are many different ways in which an author or freelance writer can find work and work from home. There are oftentimes blogs that need writers, or companies that need specific information written for their products or services. On the other hand, an author can take a more creative and risky approach and work on long format novels or screenplays in hopes of selling their work for a large sum of money.

2 Distance Learning Teachers – Median Salary: $59,000

Many school systems around the country are starting to include distance-learning into their curriculum, with entire diplomas available to be earned online. New opportunities for distance learning are popping up even for highschool aged children, a good opportunity for those who want to have their children exposed to a public school experience while still homeschooling their children. Many of these classes are conducted online with teachers using a WebCam and an online curriculum. For the teachers, it’s a great opportunity to work from home while still pursuing the love of education.

The requirements to become a distance education teacher are the same as they are for becoming a public school teacher: four years of college are required to obtain the proper credentials in order to teach students through a distance-learning program. Teachers who are looking to work from home must also have a general knowledge of computers and WebCam technology. A basic training course can help teachers learn this technology if they are not already up to speed on the latest in software and equipment. Teachers who are looking to become distance learning teachers must also practice speaking to others over a WebCam and becoming comfortable with this form of communication.

1 Financial Managers – Median Salary: $99,000

For those who have experience in the world of finance, being a financial manager could be a great job with the potential to work from home. Becoming a financial manager requires a great deal of industry experience, and most likely a formal business degree. When an individual is looking for clients, the clients need to be able to trust that you are going to manage their money better than the competition. When starting a financial management company, it is imperative to portray yourself to your clients as a professional.

For those who want to become financial managers, it’s important to know the ups and downs of the stock market, with study of different markets, both domestic and overseas, a crucial component. To become a great financial manager, one must take the time to gain the necessary experience as well.  Financial managers can really make a great income working from home, and all that one needs now to become a great stock trader is an internet connection, a reliable computer, and the smarts to make it all happen.

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The Best Work-From-Home Jobs