The Six Best Jobs To Get With A Business Degree

Like it or not, adults generally have to find some sort of employment with which to pay the bills and function as a member of society. For many, education is one of the best ways to reach career and salary goals, and deciding which major to go into can make a big difference in the type of jobs that people are able to get after college. Having an advanced education after high school helps set an individual apart from those who just have a high school diploma, but not all majors were created equal.

For those who love the inner workings of the business world, a business degree might be the right education to pursue. A business degree opens doors in the worlds of finance, entrepreneurial startups, and accounting, to name but a few. Increasingly, a business degree is very marketable in today’s society. Both growing and established companies are always looking for educated professionals who are able to help their organizations run more smoothly, and having a business degree will give an individual a good way to get their foot in the door for their first job after college.

As in any field, a person must decide which niche they want to get into while they're building their career, so it’s important to understand the jobs that are available in the business world. Knowing what is available will help prospective applicants to develop the appropriate skills for the job they want to pursue. For example, someone that wants to become a stock trader must learn the ins and outs of the stock market, and those who want to become accountants must gain a masterful ability with numbers. Here is a list of some of the top jobs available for those with a business degree.

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6 Accountant – Average Salary: $52,842

Accountants are a crucial part of the business world. Responsible for all the finances being tracked for a company, they are needed by all kinds of businesses - from small operations to Fortune 500 companies. Most business programs at accredited universities offer accounting programs.

Accounting is also a skill that can also be turned into a small business. One can become a CPA and find clients to help with small business bookkeeping, taxes, and other financial obligations. If you live and breathe numbers, this might be a good direction in which to head.

5 Appraiser – Average Salary: $54,696

In the world of real estate, an appraiser plays an important part in determining the value of real estate in a given market. For those who are interested in real estate, but do not want to be involved in sales, becoming an appraiser can be a solid career choice after earning a business degree. Being an appraiser requires a certain set of skills, and there may be more training needed for an individual after a business degree in order to become a licensed appraiser. Most cities or states have the correct classes and tests available to those who want to become licensed appraisers.

Many appraisers will end up appraising commercial or residential real estate. It is a great idea to look for brokerage in your area if you're looking for a job as a appraiser. If an individual is more the entrepreneurial type, they might even want to start their own appraisal business.

4 Business Risk Consultants – Average Salary: $60,600

Business risk consultants are important to the overall profitability of an organization. Companies will hire business risk consultants when they are having internal problems within their organizations. They also hire business risk consultants as a pre-emptive measure in order to ensure that there are no problems being started within the company internally. Becoming a business risk consultant takes a lot of experience in the business world. Those who can become great business risk consultants have had a lot of experience in the private sector.

To become a business risk consultant without first having another position in business, one must make sure to take the right classes in college and attend the right business program to become a business risk consultant. Another important move for students to make while they are going to college is to find great internships that will allow them to create the kinds of connections they need in order to become a business risk consultant right out of school.

3 Certified Financial Planner – Average Salary: $63,431

A certified financial planner is an important team member for professional athletes and celebrities, those who own a business, or those trying to manage their wealth. They also help the average individual to create a retirement plan that works best for their needs.

Certified financial planners must go through a series of tests in order to become licensed, but there are many programs within universities that allow students to focus on becoming a certified financial planner while earning a business degree, allowing those individuals to prepare well in advance. These classes will teach students how to properly manage an individual’s budget, make investment plans for the future, and help a person to diversify their earnings into business endeavors or other sources of income. Certified financial planners are able to earn a substantial income due to the great amount of value that they offer.

2 Corporate Travel Manager – Average Salary: $80,159

Becoming a corporate travel manager is a great opportunity for individuals who are passionate about both business and travel. They are responsible for coming up with a travel strategy for a company, as well as negotiations with operators of travel services, and the operation of the company’s travel program.

Those who become corporate travel managers are usually able to travel at a discounted rate due to the amount of traveling that the corporation they work for does each year. Becoming a corporate travel manager requires knowledge of the travel industry, so a person who is looking to become a corporate travel manager may want to obtain a double major in travel management along with their business degree.

1 Chief Financial Officer – Average Salary: $135,500

Becoming a chief financial officer is a lengthy process for anyone. For those who want to become a chief financial officer, getting a Master of Business Administration degree might be the best route to take. As a chief financial officer, one must know the ins and outs of all accounting, investing, banking, and other financial aspects of large corporations. A chief financial officer has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to investor relations, stock prices, and overall financial health of the company.

Becoming a chief financial officer is a long-term goal, so one should not feel disappointed if they are not becoming chief financial officer as quickly as they might have hoped. Becoming a Chief financial officer takes not only an advanced degree, but many years of experience within the world of business.

Chief financial officers sit on a Board of Directors that are usually compensated not only with great salaries, but with stock options as well. Chief financial officers are key players when it comes to the decision-making processes in large corporations, and becoming a chief financial officer is a great end-goal for any business professional.

Other than becoming CEO, making it to a CFO position is one of the highest rankings an individual can attain within the business world. An individual that is able to climb the corporate ladder and become a chief financial officer will be rewarded greatly, not only in their annual salary, but bonuses and appreciating stocks. It’s a great position for those that love to help make big progressive decisions.

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