The Best Companies To Work For In 2014

For everyone in the world, except the chosen few who have inherited their fortune, work is a necessary part of sustaining an adequate quality of life. But work is not only a way to make money; having a job can give an individual a sense of accomplishment and meaning. Contributing to society gives individuals a sense of belonging, and everyone wants to feel like they have a good purpose in their life. A great career can add to a person’s happiness by making them feel like what they do matters.

Choosing which career to pursue can be a very personal choice, but it is often also a choice that is influenced simply by the options and information that are available to individuals. One may choose to be a lawyer or a doctor due to the option of making a six figure income right out of graduate school. In other cases, individuals might choose a job that gives them the freedom to work from home. There are many different factors that can come into play when it comes to the career that an individual chooses for their life.

Just like anything else, there are some jobs that are simply better than others. It’s difficult to qualify what makes a job good, or better than another, but there are a few universal principles What makes a job good can be a relative term to each individual, but there are basic universal principles that make it possible to sort through the muck and find those gems that are worth pursuing.

Here is a list based on data collected from Glassdoor, a service that compiles job satisfaction reviews from employees. The list has some variety, including both enormous brand names and niche tech companies. Without a doubt, they’re some of the top companies to work for in 2014, boasting the most content employees around.

10 Nestle Purina

Nestle Purina is one of the leading companies at the forefront of pet care. Purina is most widely known for its innovation and market prominence in delivering healthy pet foods. One of the most beloved aspects of working for Nestle Purina is the company’s pets in the workplace policy. Not only are pets allowed in the workplace, but bringing pets to work is highly encouraged at Nestle Purina. Employees are also able to choose their dress code depending on what fits their lifestyle. An onsite medical clinic is available to those who are suffering from illnesses like the common cold or the Flu.

9 Orbitz

Orbitz Worldwide is one of the leaders in the travel industry, and the company is committed to streamlining online travel booking. The work place environment at Orbitz Worldwide is much more than just a bunch of workers sitting in front of computers at their cubicles. It prides itself on its diverse workforce, and even encourages groups and clubs, much like those found in high school and college. This helps promote a great workplace environment for the employees, fostering tight-knit and happy teams within the company.

8 Google

Google is quite possibly one of the most interesting companies to work for. Not only is Google the most popular internet site on the web, but Google is constantly creating new technologies such as web browsers, applications, phone software, and much more. The offices at the Google campus are a sight to be seen. These offices range from ski slope styled meeting rooms to outdoor work facilities. There are also free high class dining options for those who are working for Google.

Working at Google is so well revered that a full length motion picture "The Internship" was filmed using the massive campus – and Google’s corporate culture – as backdrop and inspiration.

7 Interactive Intelligence

Interactive Intelligence has been in business since 1994 and is proud to be debt free, something that is quite rare for companies nowadays. With over 5,000 customers, Interactive Intelligence is a leader in business automation software. Employees enjoy working for Interactive Intelligence for many reasons, but the ability to be heard is a commonly referred-to plus of Interactive Intelligence’s work culture.

This company thrives off of a team atmosphere. When employees feel like they have a good idea, that idea is heard. Interactive Intelligence is a great place for career advancement as well. It’s a workplace with very high job satisfaction and job security.

6 Guidewire

Guidewire is responsible for designing the software that really keeps the insurance industry moving forward. Reading just a few employee testimonials makes it easy to get a feel for the vibe around Guidewire. For starters, Guidewire feels like a start up, not a multinational corporation. That means there’s an exciting newness to working for the company, an infectious enthusiasm for what it is doing.

There is also a trending theme of career advancement at Guidewire. Employee relationships within the office are encouraged, and when friendships between employees are built outside of the office, things work more smoothly within it.

5 Facebook

Facebook is not only the largest social network site on the internet, but is quickly becoming a telecommunications giant, thanks to its acquisitions of exciting mobile apps. Facebook states right on its website, "We don't have rules, we have values." This atmosphere really gives employees the ability to feel at ease when they are working at Facebook.

One of Facebook's key values is to be open. The corporate culture encourages employees to be themselves, which adds a sort of relaxed atmosphere to the whole thing. It should also be said that happy, comfortable employees perform better, and it’s hard to argue with the success Facebook has had of late.

An open atmosphere like Facebook’s really makes for an abundance of creativity from all of the employees involved in keeping the business running.

4 Eastman

Eastman chemicals is one the largest chemical manufacturing companies in the world. It produces technologies and materials that are found in tablet screens, car windshields, and even on the coating of aspirin tablets. With offices all over the world, the reach of this company truly is vast. Employees love working for Eastman due to the benefits that comes with the employment. Eastman is committed to truly taking care of their employees with retirement and medical benefits, as well as the competitive compensation the company offers.

3 LinkedIn

Linkedin is one of the most important, if not the single most important, social networking site for business professionals in the world of business.  Linkedin keeps its offices very exciting, which makes for a creative and open atmosphere for the employees. Decorating contests are commonplace at Linkedin, with everything from pirate themed offices to rock walls in the office.

The employees who work at Linkedin enjoy fusing work and play together. It’s a great way for employees to stay excited about their work and to feel happy to go into the office.

2 Twitter

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media networks on the internet, and gives employees the ability to have their work seen by millions of people around the globe. The changes that take place internally at Twitter affect millions around the globe in a positive way, with important political and social changes having been started simply thanks to trending Twitter posts.

The open atmosphere at Twitter allows for employees to really have their ideas heard. Weekly meetings at twitter allow for all of these ideas to reach the top of the command chain.

1 Bain & Company

Eleven years in a row, Bain & Company has been voted the Number 1 Firm To Work For. Bain & Company has a corporate atmosphere in which employees feel as though they have a great investment in the company. It is a fun environment for employees to have a great and enjoyable time at the office. Here is a quote from Bain & Company taken off of the corporate website. "This teaming drives better results and a fun, energized atmosphere internally and externally. Bain is about action, not about recommendations or reports. We help our clients take action that drives their business results."

It’s important to note that while the company shares part of its name with the somewhat infamous asset management company co-founded by Mitt Romney, the two operate separately, offering different services.

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