The Average Salary For an Engineer

There are many careers that you can go do school to learn how to do. One of the biggest fields of study at any technical college or university is usually engineering. There are a few different types of engineers. You have civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and computer engineers. Most of these trades take 4 years of school to learn, but the money you can make with that skill and degree can take you far in life. Here is the average salary for an engineer.

An entry level civil engineer can make about 58,000 dollars a years. This job requires helping plan the lay out of city, along with the traffic program, the zoning, and electrical.

An entry level electrical engineer can look to make about 62,000 dollars after getting their first job. Electrical engineers work on bigger project most times, helping with the circuitry that makes the electronics in machines work.  Without electrical engineers we would have a very hard time having any real technologies in the market today.

An entry level job as a mechanical engineer can have you making about 61,000 dollars a year. As a mechanical engineer, you focus on just that, the mechanics of the operation. You need to make sure the machine is actually running right. You are able to design the flow of the machine and bring it to life.

As an engineer you can look to make about 50-60,000 dollars as an entry level engineer. When you have moved up in your career you can look to make closer to 80-100,000 dollars a year though. An engineer is a great career to have where you will be actively engaged in fun projects where you are making a contribution.

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The Average Salary For an Engineer