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Without them, you might have not known some of the world-renowned celebrities today. They are called publicists. They are professionals who earn their living by building an image or persona in the eyes of the public. A publicist makes use of the mass media including the internet, TV and newspaper to make a celebrity popular and likable to the public, to advertise the celebrity’s presence in the public and inform the world about the latest happenings in the life of a celebrity. Below you will know more about a publicist and its job description, needed skills and abilities to become a successful publicist and its average salary.

It is the publicist’s main duty to secure that his celebrity client remains popular in the public in all positive reasons. Publicists write emails to the journalist about the specific events in the celebrity’s life including new assignment, relationship break-ups, functions he attends and the celebrity’s holidays and travels.

They aren’t just hired by celebrities, corporates also. Most companies need to build good credentials and image not just to the media but to the public as well in order to strengthen its customer relationship. Publicists are hired to disseminate positive information and news about the company including the social services to which the company executives have engaged into, the launch of products and service, or even the company’s income and profit.

It is the publicist’s responsibility to update the journalists about the latest happenings on his or her client’s life, arrange the interview of his client with the media men, build good relationships with journalists, draft press releases, organize events for the client or make necessary arrangement for his client to become a part of the event, manage fan sites and fan clubs and manage the celebrity’s schedule. In exchange for these tiresome responsibilities, publicists are receiving a huge sum of salary.

Publicist Average Salary

From movie productions, advertising firms, public relation firms, publishing houses and fashion houses, a publicist has an important role to take. A publicist’s salary is dependent upon city/state or the industry to which he or she is employed but on an average, a publicist in the United States receives about $74,000 annually. A newbie or an associate publicist earns around $22,000 to $53,000 every year. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be an 18% increase in the number of people hired in this field in the next decade to come.


Given the high average salary of publicists, you might be surprised to know that this profession doesn’t have educational prerequisite. Nevertheless, it would be best to have a degree in public relations, journalism or related field because publicists are required to draft news stories and press releases for his or her clients, interact with media personnel almost everyday. This simply means that a publicist must have excellent communication and written skills. Aside from education, a publicist must possess a great sense of humor, patience, good attitude to work in long hours, ability to handle issues and networking skills.

Nowadays, publicists are required in different fields, even in non-profit organizations. This simply means more jobs for people in this field. Those who possess exceptional ability in writing, networking and creating sensational buzz are the best candidates for this good paying profession.

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Publicist Salary - Highest Paid Publicists