Modeling: A Career Of Many Looks

Modeling is a career choice with many different avenues to explore. Models are used in every type of media a consumer is exposed to. They appear on the covers of popular books, in the pages of trendy

Modeling is a career choice with many different avenues to explore. Models are used in every type of media a consumer is exposed to. They appear on the covers of popular books, in the pages of trendy magazines, and on the silver screen alongside well-known actors and actresses. They can also be found in daily newspapers around the world, in television commercials, and even syndicated shows such as America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway.

The type of model used for different medias is dependent on the product they are endorsing. There are glamour models, fitness models, runway models, art models, alternative models and body-part models. Depending on their chosen path and how well their names are known, determines their annual salary. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the annual salary for an average model is $32,900.

Each category has different expectations of how a model should look, how they should act, and what type of media is best for them. While a supermodel needs to be well-known, beautiful, and able to command a legion of fans, a fitness model only needs a perfectly toned body and well defined muscles. Models come tall and short, extremely thin and beautifully plump. They are men and women with the traits needed to promote specific products and advertise desirable goods. They are coveted for their healthy hair, their flawless skin, and their graceful gait.

6 Glamour Model

This type of assignment has no definite requirements for the models. There is no magical size, perfect height, or ideal body shape to become a glamour model. The glamour models sole purpose is to sell his or her sexuality per their employer’s instructions. These are some of the hardest jobs to acquire in the modeling industry because of the limited amount of jobs and the massive amounts of aspiring models. You can find glamour models posing their wares in specialty calendars, lingerie catalogues, fetish sites, music video productions, and men’s magazines.

5 Fitness Model

A fitness model sells a healthy lifestyle. The prerequisite for becoming a fitness model is having well-defined muscles, both major and minor, and tone physique. Weight is not a concern in most instances since muscle weighs more than fat and height is never a consideration. Most fitness models are personal trainers or athletes who supplement their income by modeling for fitness magazines and specialized commercials.

4 Runway Model

A runway model travels a lot, working in cities such as Milan, New York, London, and Paris, where cutting edge fashion is part of the collective culture. A model cannot become a runway model if they are unable to meet the stringent body requirements. According to the Association of Model Agents, the ideal runway model should stand between 5ft 7in and 6 ft tall and their ideal measurements are 34 - 24 - 34 in. A male runway model should be between 5 ft 9 in and 6 ft 2 in tall. His waist should be 30 - 32 in while his chest should measure between 36 - 40 in. Those models that do not fit into these measurements often find work as a plus size model or body parts models. In addition to having the ideal body size, runway models must have flawless skin, great hair, and generally attractive facial features. In other words, a runway model is expected to symbolize a perfect human being.

3 Art Model

Art models are highly skilled people who pose for the sake of visual arts. Art models do not come in one size, gender, or age. Most often, these specialized models are used to create amazing paintings, life size sculptures, line drawings, and artistic photography. These models can be found in classrooms around the world, posing for the benefit of young artists who want to learn how best to depict the human body in all its stages. They are hired by groups of artists for private drawings, each artist contributing to the models pay. They can even be found modeling privately for a number of reasons. More often than not, the art model will pose in the nude, providing the artists with an unobstructed view of their anatomy. It is considered in many artistic circles that drawing with a life model is better than a mannequin. The model imbues the artist with creative forces, the artist connects with the model, and everything simply flows onto their chosen medium. Examples of an art model can be found in everyone you look.

2 Parts Model

A parts model is a person who is employed for a specific part of their body. The hands are the most requested body part for these models. They are used in many commercials and specialized TV stations that sell jewelry. The second most requested body part is the feet, especially if the model is the perfect size for sample shoes. These aren’t the only body parts requested; legs, abs, glutes, backs, necks, lips, ear lobes - if it’s a body part there is a market for it. The interesting thing about body parts models is that they are not always beautiful and perfect. Depending on the employer, they may need unattractive and sometimes unusual body parts for their particular projects. Models that do not meet the height requirement for runway shows have a good chance of succeeding as a body parts model.

1 Alternative Model

This type of model is a rare breed. They often do not fit into any other area in the modeling world due to body modifications. These are the models with extensive tattoos, visible piercings, and brightly colored hair. They are used to portray specific societal roles, such as the punk movement, the goth scene, and the fetish lifestyle. You can find them on the covers of specialty magazines and other niche markets that need a different kind of person to advertise their products. Although an alternative model sometimes resembles a glamour model, the two are distinctly different in how they are portrayed. These models often do not have an agency and work primarily as freelance models.

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Modeling: A Career Of Many Looks