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Lawyers and Their Salaries

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Lawyers and Their Salaries

Lawyers, as what others would define them, are valued people in the community as they are responsible in providing legal assistance to clients. Legal issues may range from divorce, criminal matters, property rights, tax, and other significant issues that are relevant to the lives of people. It takes a smart, sharp mind, extensive studying, and long hours of work to finish and graduate from noted law school. A good lawyer would also be on the side of what is fair and right (on a legal basis) of what is helpful for his client. However, it is also undeniable that some of them make a living out of illegal entities. It surely takes a lot of courage and standards to be a successful lawyer. You simply cannot just be anyone who can give away legal advice to people who are in the middle of a legal case. You need to be someone credible and capable of applying what you learned in law school to actual trials and cases. By this, you can be dubbed as a legit lawyer in the time being.

Since there are various legal issues, it is important that you consult the appropriate lawyer that can help give resolution to your issue. There are different kinds of lawyers and each one of them has his specialization or expertise when it comes to a specific scenario. On the other side of the coin, they also have corresponding salary ranges depending on their expertise. Here are some of the types of lawyers and their salaries:

10. Intellectual Property Lawyer


This type of lawyer is sometimes known as the copyright lawyer. He is someone who gives a client the rightful ownership provided by legal process. If you need your new idea or your invention to be protected by intellectual property laws, you need to file a patent and a patent lawyer who can discuss with you all your rights and privileges as the patent owner. An intellectual property lawyer often earns salary in the range of $77,211 to $251,677 per year.

9. Tax Lawyer


Clients ask for the help of a tax lawyer when they need to file tax returns, any tax-related issues, or when they need an expert to progress with tax formalities. These are mostly handled by legitimate and well-versed tax lawyers and with that, a lawyer should know every details of tax issues. If the job is done right and the client is totally satisfied, the annual salary range would be $62,961 to $118,269.

8. Employment Rights Lawyer


In any cases that an individual experiences employment rights drought for a certain company, a legal process has to be done before any rightful compensations are provided. These clients who have experienced employee compensation issues, job termination, illegal termination, harassment issues at their respective work places, and other employer-related issues should be handled by an expert employment attorney. The said attorney will review every single possibility and/or loophole to ensure that their clients will have the right compensations afterwards. He usually earns $100,116 to $202,987 per year.

7. Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyer


Sometimes evading accidents or near-death experiences can be difficult. Unfortunately these sullen events can come at the blink of an eye without even noticing them. However, in any given circumstances stated beforehand, an accident lawyer is important in handling cases of people who have been involved in an accident that resulted to either physical injuries or death. The accident lawyer is responsible in dealing with the medical bills compensation, related legal charges, and damage to property charges, and even insurance formalities. All of these are not compensations and are not given without any further approval or perhaps help from an accident lawyer. The average annual earning of these types of lawyer is $41,583 – $124,247.

6. Real Estate Lawyer

Bidding on a home

In any case, there are also scenarios or cases that a person/individual or sector would undergo before requiring legal rights to a property or estate. So, if you want to acquire a new property, sell a property, or buy a new house, resolve tenancy conflicts, and ensure formalities for lease, you will indeed be in need of a real estate lawyer who can mediate and settle all the issues involved. Your real estate attorney should be an expert in the field, this respectively involves purchases since there is money involved in the transactions. A real estate attorney usually earns $43,507 – $136,038 per year.

5. Bankruptcy Lawyer


If you want to know more about bankruptcy and its effects on your total business or if you already want to file for bankruptcy, you can directly seek for the legal help of a bankruptcy lawyer in no course needed. This will help you accomplish all the formalities needed before undergoing any filament for bankruptcy, which usually scope a wide range of time depending on the type of formalities should the client address. A bankruptcy lawyer usually earns $40,738 – $138,523 annually.

4. Corporate Lawyer


If you need to settle legal formalities for your business or work that require legal papers, which involves registration or processing of business permits, dissolution, creation of business, or other issues that involve the need of a lawyer’s expertise, you can get a corporate lawyer in any given time. A corporate lawyer usually works with companies to ensure that all laws are applied and there will be no regulations that are overlooked in which a company or business entities should follow. A corporate lawyer’s usual annual salary ranges from $48,810 – $162,504.

3. Life Insurance Lawyer

life isurance blank bar chart and glases

A life insurance lawyer is important in deals that include life insurance formalities. Their presence is likely to be essential for they have to ensure that the insurance company will give the life insurance payment to the concerned person or family. Life insurance lawyers usually get an annual pay ranging $49,616 – $157,215. However, there are Life Insurance Lawyers who earn more than the standard annual pay depending on the type and standards of their clients.

2. Criminal Lawyer


For people who are involved in criminal accusation such as robbery, rape, or murder, they need someone who can defend them in trial. Fugitives are humans too and they, like us civilians, have respective human rights. If this is the case, this is where a criminal lawyer would come in handy. Usually, their annual salary would range from $39,596 to $127,425 depending on the case provided.

1. Family Lawyer


There are families who need to have legal formalities that should be mediated and overseen by a family lawyer. Some of these diverse family issues include child adoption, child custody, and divorce. A family lawyer’s salary range is usually between $38,619 and $103,658 in annual record. Not bad all for those who want to make a living out of being a family lawyer.

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