Highest-Paid NBA Referees - Average Salary of an NBA Referee

The NBA referees have a fulltime job with each team playing 82 games during a regular season. The referees are required to be physically fit and must be able to run along with the players in order to keep up with what is going on in the game. They are also required to know all of the rules by heart and must be able to make difficult decisions during the games.

4 NBA Referee Salary Range

Referees in the NBA make anywhere from $100,000 to $550,000 for a season of 82 games total. This is certainly a good salary for a referee.

3 Entry-Level Referees

Referees that are just starting out in the NBA make $150,000 each year.

2 Senior Referees

Of course, when you have experience, there is a higher price tag stamped onto that experience. In 2009, the senior referees for the NBA made around $550,000. There are some referees that make higher salaries than this.

1 WNBA Referee Salaries

In the Women's National Basketball Association, the referees do not make as much. They average around $500.00 per game for a total of $16,000 per year. They work a shorter season, only 10 teams that play 34 regular-season games. Most of the referees work part time.

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Highest-Paid NBA Referees - Average Salary of an NBA Referee