Highest Paid Doctors - The Salary of Doctors

In contrast to what is commonly believed in, a person does not become a doctor simply because of high pay. Being a doctor is one's curiosity about the human anatomy and passion to cure other people’s illnesses. There is no specific discipline in medicine where doctors can earn more. Some government reports, organizations and web sites like Forbes and Hawkins & Associates have conducted studies which are aimed to determine the discipline of medicines where doctors tend to earn more. Here is the list of the highest paying doctors and the nature of their jobs.

  • 1. Orthopedic Surgeon

Generally speaking, surgeons are paid higher compared to non-surgeons because the nature of their jobs requires adept skills and knowledge.    There is a higher incidence of musculoskeletal ailments, physical injuries and fractures which lead an orthopaedic surgeon to earn an average income of $409,405 every year.

  • 2. Cardiac Surgeon

Due to the growing rate of heart ailments, the need for cardiac surgeons has also increases. Cardiac surgeons need to have an in-depth knowledge about the heart and in performing surgeries of the heart in order to practice their profession. Sometimes they're called as cardiovascular surgeons, cardiac surgeons are earning around $401,325 every year.

  • 3. Neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon specializes in the treatment and operations of the nervous system especially the brain. Just like any other surgeons, skills and knowledge is strongly required for this profession. A neurosurgeon earns around $100 per hour at an average and around $400,000 per annum.

  • 4. Anesthesiologist

It is the anesthesiologist’s job to administer anesthesia, pre-surgery and pre-procedural medication and monitor their effects to the patient. Anesthesiologists are often required in major surgeries and even in minor procedures. To date, there are around 29,890 anesthesiologists in the United States and they earn an average of $333,108 annually.

  • 5. General Surgeon

A very critical branch of medicine whose practitioners have to work within a large scope from skin surgeries, abdominal surgery, amputations, etc. They mainly operate on the patient’s upper body. General surgeons should have an in-depth and vast knowledge about their profession which gives them an annual income of $302,649 - $ 348,000.

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Highest Paid Doctors - The Salary of Doctors