Five Great Careers For Creative People

For many creative individuals out there, true satisfaction in life comes from creating something new. Whether designing a video game, painting a picture, or making a beautiful video, it is easy to say

For many creative individuals out there, true satisfaction in life comes from creating something new. Whether designing a video game, painting a picture, or making a beautiful video, it is easy to say that these individuals are happiest when they are creating. When they can find a job that lets them be creative, they are able to make money doing something they really love, and that makes all of the difference in their lives.

The new age of technology that we live in gives creative individuals more opportunities than ever to express that creativity. More and more jobs are becoming available in the creative field, with wealthier people moving away from factories and manufacturing in the developed world. These new jobs are usually based upon skill sets developed in the workplace, or through formal education. There are many different jobs where a creative individual can take their skills and make themselves valuable to a company, or better yet, start a company of their own.

With creative opportunities constantly popping up in the tech space, it is a great time for an individual to start honing their skills ahead of attempting to start a job hunt. If you find that you are better behind a camera, perhaps you should start learning from the pros. On the other hand, if you are looking for a creative job that is going to have you in front of a computer more, maybe an internet based job is right for you. Here are just a few of the options in the creative world that could turn into great careers.

5 Graphic Designer - Median Salary: $49,000

For someone who loves to design logos, packaging, and clothing; graphic design is a great creative outlet. It’s a field where someone can help companies with branding, advertising, package design, and much more. The choice between starting up your own graphic design business, and working for an existing company, is a tough choice to make. If you want more freedom to be creative, it's probably a good idea to start up your own graphic design company. On the other hand, if you can find a great company and like their style, you could have a great experience working for their team.

When you are going to work for a bigger company, it is usually a good idea to have a degree under your belt. This will help you get your foot in the door, and open many more opportunities. Even when you are searching for new clients, a degree is a huge asset. There are many graphic design programs out there for individuals who want to have a career in the graphic design field.

4 Advertising Specialist - Median Salary: $56,000

Advertising a field where a creative individual will thrive. There are many situations where individuals will have to think outside of the box in advertising, and the marketplace is ever changing, so advertising specialists need to be on top of the latest trends and fads. There are many different skills that can be used in advertising as well. Skills in graphic design, videography, and photography are all regularly used in the world of advertising. The field of advertising can be a great place for creative individuals to really show off their skills in different areas.

When someone wants to get into the field of advertising, education is key. Employers are going to look for someone that has completed a degree in a marketing program, and most universities offer advertising programs where you can learn all of the different skills that you will need to be viable in today's marketplace. When you are searching for a job, make sure that you have some experience to show as well. While you are going to school you may want to start up your own small advertising company, or get an internship. This experience will help you land your first job after college.

3 Videographer - Median Salary: $58,000

Becoming a videographer is no easy task, but it’s something that can be done if enough hard work is put in. Becoming a videographer takes a lot of time and practice. You need to learn which cameras work well for your style, and then how to use them properly. You will need to research on camera accessories as well. Slide tracks, glide cams, and LED lights are some of the camera accessories that you will need to have to become a really great videographer. Once you have this equipment, you will need to become proficient in the use of this gear.  If you’ll be editing your own work, you will need to also choose the type of video editing software that you will be using. It will take a long time to craft a personal style and become an expert at these software programs, so the sooner you can start editing videos and getting good, the better.

Once you are becoming happy with the quality of videos that you are producing, you need to decide if you are going to start your own media company, or work for someone else. There are many deciding factors that come into play when you are deciding whether you want to work for a company or build your own business. When working for a big company, you will have a steady paycheck, but less room for growth in monthly pay. However, if you are running your own business, you are able to search for as many clients as you can handle, and that will determine your income. That said, running your own business means you run the risk of having slow months when you don't have any clients at all. It’s something to take into consideration when you are starting your own business.

2 Game Designer - Median Salary: $62,000

If you are someone who loves to play video games, being a game designer might just be the job for you. Talented artists and programmers can always find a home on a team of game designers. The world of video games just keeps growing and growing, and the job openings in the market place are growing as well. Just remember that video games work off of very strict deadlines. If you want to be a game designer, you are going to have many long nights leading up to the release of a game.

To become a game designer, you usually have to have a degree in something related to programming or art design. There are many artists who have received their degree in illustration who work on concept art for these video game projects, and there are also positions in the video game industry for those who have had formal training in audio production. Many composers, too, can find their niche within the video game world. Game design is something that takes a team of individuals who each have unique skills. If you are an avid gamer, you may find that game design is a great niche for you.

1 Web Designer - Median Salary 62,000$

The internet has become a huge part of our economy, and there are many different opportunities for individuals within that space, with creative positions available for those who want to have an impact on the World Wide Web. Web design is a field that has grown over the last 15 years, a important part of getting a solid website concept to the next level. With technology only getting better, the opportunities in the world of web design get more and more accessible to those looking for a job in the world of the internet.

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Five Great Careers For Creative People