5 Essential Tips For New Salespeople

Welcome to the exciting world of sales, new salespeople! In this highly competitive world you will not only be competing with your newly hired competition, but also seasoned veterans. To be successful you will always need to keep moving, staying on top of the proverbial ball. While all industries, businesses, and companies have different methodologies they employ to approach potential sales, it is also integral to have a base knowledge in your mind. By having pillars of sales knowledge you will be able to maintain a concrete base to take you to wherever you go in whatever sales sector.

Some may ask why you would choose to go to work in an industry that can be highly stressful, and the wages can sway quarterly business. While those points can be true, the job also opens vast opportunities for those willing to do the hard work needed.

Few other types of work can take people across the globe and allow them to meet exciting people on a regular basis. With the right company you can be selling products you believe to clients in parts of the world you never could have imagined traveling to. With the allure of a flexible schedule and lucrative paydays it's no surprise why you chose to embark on this adventure. But you already know this! It's time for you to make your first sales. With these pieces of information you will be able to close the deal on the always important first sales of your career.

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5 Ask Questions; Always Be Listening

The key to learning and growing in anything is to always ask questions and listen. In sales, it goes a level deeper. Not only will you be listening and learning from the successful sales professionals that have come before you, you also need to be listening and learning from your clients so that you can meet their needs. Without the ability to listen to your clients, you run a slim chance of providing them the service that makes a business relationship last.

As The Sales Hunter Mark Hunter points out that the most vital asset to a person's sales career is, "...their ability to question, listen and become keenly focused on the desired outcomes of the customer." Partner this with your thirst for learning from the talented sales professionals around you and you are on your way to achieving your first bit of sales success.

4 Have Smart Work Ethic

One of the first pieces of advice you will get from your superiors is to outwork the competition. This doesn't mean having to work 20 hour work days and skip nights with family and friends all the time. That might happen on occasion, but the smart salesperson knows how to work hard and efficiently while maintaining a personal life as well.

Staying up on the latest news and trends in your industry is vital to success. Not only will this provide you with the confidence that you are an authority in your sector, it will also ensure that you are ready to answer any question a client or potential sale may have for you.

Being able to inform instead of convince is what a true salesperson does. With proper research, you won't have to sell your product or service. You already have done that by providing your knowledge of the industry and your product. Doing your due diligence will show everyone that you are a true sales professional.

3 What Works For Them May Not Work For You

Just because one approach works for one person does not mean you should adapt it to your approach. Even within the same office, your colleague may have a dynamic way of closing a tough sell you like. Maybe you love their ability to endear themselves to a potential client during a cold call that you are having trouble with. Their tactics may work for you, but sometimes you will fall short of your expectations. Trial and error can be good, but in sales you may not have that time to try it all out. Part of doing hard work is knowing who you are and what you can use within yourself to succeed.

As sales guru Dan Waldschmidt echoes the sentiments of hard work over all else. He suggests that instead of looking for a path you create your own. Remember that, "Even if what you see is good for someone else, that doesn’t mean it is going to work for you.  Times change. Tactics change. People change."

2 The Phone Is Your Friend

Sure, the telephone is an antiquated way of communicating in the rapidly advancing modern era. However, when so many are emailing and texting to engage clients, the personal touch of a phone call begins to appear that much more important. You have to gauge your clients to see if this is an approach they prefer. If they do like this you could be showing them an extra level of attention and care that may not be coming through an electronic message.

Another advantage of using the phone is the potential for an immediate contact with whom you are trying to engage. You may get held back by the gatekeepers within their respective offices but a friendly persistence is more likely to result in some progress that a cold email might not get you.

1 Make Your Clients Trust You

Trust is integral in any relationship. Whether it is dating or sales, if your partner doesn't trust you the relationship most likely won't last long. In sales there are many ways you should be mindful of when it comes to establishing that deep rapport. Price integrity is key. Providing your client with a fair price structure will let them know you care about their business beyond their first purchase. This shows that you respect your client and your word has honor behind it. Remember, you aren't just selling your product and services. You are selling yourself as well.

By selling yourself, you are showing the true value of your brand as a whole. You have now sold yourself as the go-to person your client will be seeking out for questions and new sales. Now all you have to do is live up to your word.

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