English Teacher gets $4 Million Salary in South Korea

Kim Ki-Hoon, earns a $4 million dollar a year salary, by working approximately 60 hours a week, as an English tutor for students in South Korea. Most of his work is done via Skype and other video conferencing online software, allowing him to work with many students, and create tutoring sessions for those who need it, at any time they require his help.

He works with a very well known online, private, after school tutoring organization, assisting students with the English language. The after school program, has greatly helped turn the illiteracy rate around in the nation. A majority of citizens, 60 years ago, were illiterate and today it is the second top performing country (according to PISA - a global testing academy). The high school graduation rate has increased with such programs in South Korea, bringing the graduation rate to 93%, which is far higher than the U.S.'s graduation rates at only 77% of students graduating from high school.

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English Teacher gets $4 Million Salary in South Korea