Cities In America With The Lowest Chance Of Finding A Job

The increasing rate of unemployment in America to 9% has exposed the failure of American government’s job policies for various reasons. This condition has discouraged job seekers in America at nationa

The increasing rate of unemployment in America to 9% has exposed the failure of American government’s job policies for various reasons. This condition has discouraged job seekers in America at national level. However, if they try to search jobs in their local area then there may be some chances to get a suitable employment for them. Some of the states that are struggling with housing problem are among the states that have very high unemployment rate. According to the figures released by the Labor Department, California unemployment rate is up to 11.7% whereas in Nevada it is at 13.4%. The Labor Department, Florida also quoted the unemployment rate at 10.3% which is also exceeding the national average.

Surveys conducted by several job search aggregators have studied the job opportunities in various metro and other cities in America and released the level of unemployment in them. According to the results released by, based on the data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of those cities, job seekers are compelled to move to other cities in search of jobs as they were not getting suitable opportunities in their hometowns. placed Miami in the first position among the metro cities with least employment opportunities for job seekers with a 4:1 ratio. They put Los Angeles at the second position in this list with 3.48 job seekers per opportunity. Riverside, California was placed in third position with 3.25:1 ratio and with 3.1 job seekers per job, Las Vegas was placed in forth position. Detroit was placed in the fifth position in the list of least unemployment opportunities in metros with 2.75 job seekers for every job opportunity.

Some of the other job search aggregators had classified various metro cities last year as per their unemployment percentages. Some of them had placed Las Vegas in first place with 8.5 job seekers per job. Miami is in second with most low job opportunities 8.3 persons per job and the third in this series was Riverside, California with 7.4 job seekers per opportunity.

Employment conditions in America became inclined due to the economic downfall all over the world. The deteriorating condition in the field of employment had created a feeling of dissatisfaction among the youngsters in America. Though the government is trying its best in this regard and spending a lot in this account, they still are not able to achieve the employment level as required. Still it is hoped that employment conditions in various regions in America is going to be improved within the next few years.

Brief information about cities in America with the lowest chance of finding a job at present is provided hereunder for your information. This information can be used by competent authorities while making policies to improve employment conditions in America.

10 Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas: (per capita income $23,236)

It is one of the most jobless cities in the list of American cities as per the data available for last November which evaluated it at an 11.2% unemployment rate. The average of unemployment in this city is 2% more than the national unemployment aggregate. During the last 12 months this metro city could manage to lower the unemployment rate by 0.5% only with the utmost efforts of the government. Last year’s unemployment rate of this city was 11.7%.

9 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, California: (per capita income $24,516)

Poor housing opportunities in Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario can be one of the reasons of low growth in job opportunities in this region. 11.4% was recorded as the fall in home prices in this metro city between the last quarter of 2010 and the last quarter of 2011. Unemployment rates by November 2011 was recorded at 12.5% which is 2% more than previous one year.

8 Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, N.C.: (per capita income $30,857)

According to the reports released during the United States Conference of Mayors by the end of 2012 the metro city of Hickory was expected to reduce the unemployment rate to 7.4%, which was created during the recession period, but it could not recover more than 0.7% from the unemployment rate of the previous year. Unemployment rates recorded in November 2011 was 11.7%.

7 Bakersfield-Delano, California: (per capita income $31,400)

Bakersfield-Delano is considered as one of the biggest jobless cities in America even if its unemployment rate dropped by 2.2% from last year’s average. The unemployment rate recorded during November 2011 was 13.4% which was 15.6% in 2010.

6 Atlantic City-Hammonton, N.J.: (per capita income $27,247)

Though Atlantic City does not have a much higher unemployment rate, the fall in employment opportunities during 2010 and 2011 had placed it in the list of the cities with lowest chances to get a job in America. Unemployment rates in November 2011 was recorded at 12.4% which is 0.1% more than November 2010.

5 Visalia-Porterville, California: (per capita income $29,600)

Poor housing market in Visalia had placed it in the list of the cities of least job chances in California as it had increased its rate of unemployment to a considerable level. 3.67% foreclosure rate had also placed this metro city at 13th position in the list of cities with highest foreclosure rate. Unemployment rate in Visalia was recorded at 15% in November 2011 which was 1.8% lower than the average on November 2010.

4 Stockton, California: (per capita income $31,013)

Stockton is also burdened with poor housing markets along with higher unemployment rates of 15.5%. The average home price at Stockton has also fallen by 15.4% in the last quarter of 2011 as compared to the last quarter of 2010. Though the unemployment rate in Stockton has fallen by 2.3% since last year, it still has a very high unemployment rate of 15.5%.

3 Modesto, California: (per capita income $32,115)

The recent reports received from the United States Conference of Mayors, Modesto was expected to recover 27.4 percent of the jobs by the end of 2012, which were lost during the recession. However, still this city had an unemployment rate of 15.5% in November 2011 which was 1.7% less than its previous year’s average unemployment.

2 Fresno, California: (per capita income $ 20,638)

It is one of the Californian cities which are facing acute economic problems. It is believed that the proposal of a high speed rail line in this region through central valley area of California will improve job opportunities in this metro city. Unemployment average recorded in November 2011 was 15.7%, 1.6% less than last year’s unemployment average.

1 Merced, California: Unemployment Rate of 16.9%

Merced is one of the worst cities in America that has the highest unemployment rate. Average unemployment rate of 16.9% was recorded in this county in November 2011 which was 1.7% less than last year’s average. This percentage is expected to drop by 4% by 2015 as estimated by the authorities.

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Cities In America With The Lowest Chance Of Finding A Job