Top 10 Best Companies to Work For

Once you hear the news that “they are hiring,” you will be thrilled and chilled to the bones. This is because getting hired by the Top 10 Best Companies to Work For is a real achievement. Who wouldn’t be? High paychecks, long list of benefits, travel perks, cool colleagues, and remarkable work environment—these are just some of the benefits that you will earn when you get hired by one of these best companies to work for.

•    Google. The most powerful search engine in history is here to stay. Everything about Google means good opportunities, growth, sales, and profits, paid search clicks, share price, and stability. Through the years Google has been recognized as one of the best employers in the world and each of its employees will not think otherwise. Why it is the best company? Everything that the employees need is there free of charge: food for all, subsidized fish, bocce courts, outdoor fitness, indoor recreation areas, bowling alley, cafes, and a chance to work with colleagues who managed to build intimate work relationships with each other. How about the opportunity to see celebrity visitors or own free android devices? Who does all of these to their employees? Apparently Google does them all.

•    Boston Consulting Group. Will you sign an employment contract that lets you earn an average of $139,000.00 annually? Boston Consulting Group has ranked 2nd for two years in a row in the most recent edition of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. BCG is also recognized as the most diverse companies, best small companies in the U.S. and is one of the top 10 for annual pay for salaried employee list. Progressive benefits, collaborative culture, and career flexibility are some of the top reasons why BCG deserves to be on top of three. Thousands of dollars are also spent just to recruit a single employee.

•    SAS Institute. For four years in a row, SAS Institute managed to retain its spot as one of the top 3 best employers to work for. SAS Institute treats is employees very well so there will be no unfavorable issues about employee retention. What makes it a great employer? It offers free of charge health care center, intramural sports leagues, unlimited sick time, and an environment that is conducive to performing well. Plus, the sight of the lushly landscaped campus offers a warm and welcoming view that is hard to ignore.

•    Wegmans Food Markets. What company offers a 24/7 health hotline? It’s Wegmans Food Markets and for the record, it holds the title for six year in a row already. The importance given to the health of its employees is seamless. Health programs are provided for the employees and they follow the guidelines like it is their religion. When the free smoking-cessation program was launched by the company, more than 2,000 of its employees registered without second thoughts. Their mindset towards health can’t be subjected.

•    Edward Jones. When the recession hit the economy, Edward Jones escaped the worst. Being an investment firm has made the company recession-proof and its 11,000 offices established across the country still show strength and more revenues to come. Employees of Edward Jones are proud to be working in an entrepreneurial setting that is also described by one of its employees as an “awesome culture of friendliness.” There is an area for kids where kids can fun have while their parents are attending business meetings.

•    NetApp. When the company earns, so are the employees. NetApp is an Australian data storage firm that has been performing well in the industry. In fact, just last year, NetApp acquired $5 billion revenues and the company didn’t keep the money for itself. Its employees took home their fat payouts. How fat was the payout? It was 31% and up of their salary. In the past years, NetApp surpassed Google as the top employer. NetApp always makes whatever list that aims to distinguish top employers in the world and with its great culture in the work place, every employee of NetApp is proud to serve their company.

•    Camden Property Trust. Camden Property Trust’s trademark to its employees is its generosity. The apartment-management firm deals with properties that accommodate 13 states with 100,000 population. When Camden Property Trust surprised its employees with shocker bonuses, its employees were the happiest. The company doesn’t only satisfy its employees with their high paychecks but financial perks as well such as bonuses. And, there is no way you will not have fun while working for Camden Property Trust because one of the company rules states is to have fun and every employee is expected to obey this rule.

•    Recreational Equipment (REI). Recreational Equipment sets a new milestone when it opened its first Manhattan store. People who are fond and passionate about an outdoorsy lifestyle will not have a tiny disappointment when they get hired by Recreational Equipment. Employees who love outdoor activities and adventures also received other fun perks such as free equipment rentals, massive discounts on their merchandise, and vacation getaways.

•    CHG Healthcare Services. When CHG Healthcare Services employees heard about the possibility of a paid holiday, they were exceptionally excited. This is because the company has included Martin Luther King Jr.’s a paid holiday. Plus, employees at CHG Healthcare Services are simply delighted to become a part of the company because their ideas, thoughts, and suggestions matter big time. Two of the latest developments in CHG Healthcare Services include the overhauling of its drug plan and the building of a new gym at its office in Fort Lauderdale.

•    Quicken Loans. There are many reasons why employees would want to work in Quicken Loans—one of the top 100 best companies to work for. If you are after career development, this is where your career should take off. It employees are provided with an average of 200 hours each of technical training every year. With this, they are given with a detailed career plan and a number of opportunities to attend leadership training program. And if you have personal projects in mind, you can work on it and use your four hours per week as your “Bullet Time.”

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Top 10 Best Companies to Work For