Average Social Worker Salary

The world needs social workers, that is for sure. It is a job that few are truly wiling to do, but that the world has a large need for. There are so many people around the world that are positively impacted and influenced by Social Workers.

To become a social worker you are going to first have to get a 4 year undergraduate degree. After obtaining your bachelors degree, you are going to have to go on to get your masters degree. 80 Percent of working social workers have a masters degree so it would be pretty darn important for you to get a masters degree if you are planning on going into the field of social work.

A social worker can have a variation of salaries, but it is pretty easy to count on a social worker being able to make $50,000 dollars a year. One might think that this isn't very much money for someone who had to get a masters degree to get the job, but this is why i say social work is more a labor of love. If you are going into social work it is probably because you have a true passion to really help people in the world.

In social work you are able to help seniors, disabled individuals, families, and children. There are even social workers who can choose to work with the homeless. Being a social worker is a great job and it is one that will truly help others.

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Average Social Worker Salary