Average Sallary in the Air Force

The United States Air Force offers many different career paths within that branch of military service. For someone who has no prior job or educational training, working their way up in the Air Force can be a noble way to earn a good salary with only a high school education. Also, for those who have completed a 4 year university degree, the initial pay rate can be much more enticing.

A high school graduate can make up to 30,000$ right after signing. Note though that this 30,000 is factored in by including free housing, free food, and governmental tax benefits. The base pay per month for an Air Force recruit is 1,300 dollars. With housing benefits and food benefits, most of this 1,3000 dollars can be used as discretionary income, allowing a smart Air Force recruit to raise his standard of living by re investing that money.

If you go into the Air Force with a 4 year college degree, you can be bumped straight up to an officer most times. A level one officer takes home about 54,000 dollars a year in salary. If you have 10 years experience, and have been raised to level 4 officer, you could be taking home more than 90,000$.

The Air Force is a great opportunity for some one who wants to serve our country and also have a good career with advanced placement opportunities. Even if someone hasn't had any college education, they can still be eligible for officer candidacy school (OCS) in order to allow them a higher salary. The Air Force is a great career for someone who is wanting to serve our country.

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