Average Salary For an Accountant

Accounting has always been a great field to go into if you are looking for a solid job. Business schools around the nation offer degrees in accountancy which allow you to go out into the market and find a job almost right off the bat. Companies and firms are always looking for great accountants to help them with their organization. The job placement rate is very high for post accounting grads. If you want to be certified as a CPA, you can also find personal clients in which you can help manage their finances. This is usually a better fit if you want to be your own boss.

Most universities offer a 4 year degree that will train you in the ways of accounting. This degree will get you ready for what you need to know in order to thrive in the corporate world of accounting. There are different types of accounting. There is personal tax accounting, corporate tax accounting, and basic corporate accounting.

A basic entry level accountant can expect to make about $46,000 dollars their first year of being an accountant. You can progress in your career though and the limits are really endless if you are with a large company. One of my good friend's mothers worked for a gym as their head accountant. She wasn't making that much money before the company was large, but then when the company was much bigger, she was making close to $250,000 dollars a year. Being an accountant is a great job with very many opportunities for advancement!

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Average Salary For an Accountant