Average High School Teacher Salary

High School teachers play a critical role in society. They take on the task of bringing in students at an extremely influential stage in not only their academic development, but their own personal development.

Are high school teachers taken care of financially for this task they are undertaking? Much of this might depend on the state that a teacher is teaching in, while other benefits such as retirement and medical can come into play with this.

The starting salary for high school teachers is about 30,000 dollars a year. The highest paid state for starting salary is New Jersey at 48,000 dollars a year. The lowest paid state for starting salary is Montana at 26,000 dollars.

Average salaries of teachers working for 10 or more years seem to be more reasonable though. The average salary for a high school teacher who has been working 10 or more years is 55,000 dollars a year. This varies on states as well though. The lowest average salary for a teacher working more than ten years is found in South at 39,000 dollars a year. The highest average salary is found in New York at 72,000 dollars a year.

A high school teacher must complete 4 years of college and receive a bachelors degree in teaching, along with a teaching license. The average cost of tuition for a 4 year bachelors degree in teaching is 40,000 dollars. If you are thinking of going into teaching, you now have a pretty good idea of the costs of education, and the yearly, along with monthly, salaries that a high school teacher is able to make.

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Average High School Teacher Salary