Average Fireman Salary

Every child at one time or another has most likely dreamed of being a fire fighter. Who wouldn't want to be a hero for a living? Driving those huge trucks, saving people from burning buildings, and putting out massive fires is a daily thing in the lives of fire fighters. For someone who is addicted to adrenaline, this could be a very good career.

To be a fire fighter you usually have to have your high school diploma. There are associate degrees that you can get at some colleges that will give you the training you need to become a fireman. There are also courses that you can take in which you will learn everything you need to know in order to become a fire fighter. Either an associates degree or these courses will help you become certified as a fire fighter so that you can land a job at your local firehouse.

The average salary for a Fire Fighter is 42,000 dollars a year. This is 3,500 dollars a month. A lot of companies have discounts for fire fighters. These discounts could include homeowners insurance, auto insurance, mortgage loans, cell phone and TV service, and sometimes car lots even have discounts for fire fighters.

Fire Fighters are required to spend a certain amount of time at the firehouse, in which they are given a budget for food an other necessities.  This cuts down on the cost of living for fire fighters as well, making it so that the fire fighter has more disposable income at the end of the month.


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Average Fireman Salary