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Average College Professor Salary

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Average College Professor Salary

Being a college professor is a great career for those who want to give back to society. When someone finds a passion for higher education, being a professor can be an excellent way to continue this passion. As well as the love for learning and teaching, most universities require professors to do at least some amount of research and writing. The academic world is a prefect place for someone like a historian who wants to continue researching, while being funded by the university. A geologist, archeologist, or botanist could also find these same benefits by being a professor at a university.


Becoming a professor takes a lot of advanced education. You must first complete your four year undergraduate degree, then you must go onto your masters, then PHD. In certain programs, you can get your PHD at the same time as your masters, but this is more rare.


The average salary that a first year professor can look to make is around 85,000 Dollars. This is a great salary and this isn’t including any health or retirement bonuses. This salary also doesn’t include tenure, which most professors are able to achieve. This means that as a professor you are set in the university as a key player. To achieve tenure you must work at the university for an extended period of time and have several national or international publications. My friends father who has achieved tenure at Brigham Young University makes well over 100,000 dollars. I would estimate around 130,000 a year. It differs from universities, but most tenured professors are going to make over $100,000  


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