8 Signs That You're About To Be Fired

A steady source of income is probably the most important thing to establish as an adult. Without one, it’s difficult to properly eat or sleep, which are just a couple of the most important aspects of

A steady source of income is probably the most important thing to establish as an adult. Without one, it’s difficult to properly eat or sleep, which are just a couple of the most important aspects of survival. That’s why most adults run out and find themselves a job. Our jobs bring in the cash so we can not only survive, but also to live.

But sometimes our jobs are at risk. Sometimes our jobs are there one day and gone the next, and we don’t even see it coming. And that’s the worst-case scenario, not realizing that the dreaded pink-slip is coming our way. This puts you in a scary situation, since you’re unprepared and no longer have income headed your way. If you’re lucky though, then you’ll have saved up at least six months of salary to live off of while you search for a new job. Unfortunately though, that’s not always the case, making these situations too dangerous to ignore.

Think about it, what if you just had an emergency and used your savings up? What would happen if you didn’t see the pink slip coming? The results could be devastating, and you could end up homeless.

This is why it’s so important to recognize the warning signs that the boss is looking to give you the can. Luckily, there are plenty of signs that can help you predict a bad-luck scenario in which you’re fired from your job.

Knowing what to look for will help you stay at least one step ahead of management, and you'll be able to properly prepare yourself with an exit strategy that doesn't involve suddenly being fired. Here are 8 signs that you’re about to get let go.

8 You’re Slowly Being Pushed Out Of The Loop

One of the biggest giveaways that you're going to be fired is that you're slowly being edged out of things.

Are you being left out of meetings that you were once an active contributor to? Are you not being requested to attend conferences anymore? Are you not being informed when memos or new policies are being announced?

These are all signs that you're being distanced from the current events of your workplace, and it's also a danger sign of an impending pink-slip.

7 You’re Being Set Up For Failure

If you’re suddenly being given unreasonable amounts of work and/or unrealistic deadlines to work with, then you’re being setup for failure. Why? Because bosses need documented reasons to fire you, they can't just fire you willy-nilly.

This leads to them using their managerial powers to purposefully screw you over, all the while documenting it. The unfortunate outcome of this is that you aren't able to meet their demands, and they have a slew of documented failures to prove it to HR (unless you Superman your way through their demands).

6 You’re Constantly Being Documented

As mentioned in the previous item, bosses will start documenting everything you do. And not just the unreasonable assignments they give you either, they'll switch communication to forms that always leave a paper trail.

So instead of talking to you they'll leave voice-mails and emails all the time. Why do this? Just in case you screw up somewhere, that way they can use it in a case against you. So if the boss's physical presence has suddenly become conspicuously scarce, start considering your exit strategy from your company.

5 You’re Given Fewer Projects/Responsibilities

If you're about to fire somebody, does it makes sense to keep including them in the upcoming projects and give them more responsibilities? No, of course not. They might not even be around long enough to complete them! That's why this is a sign that should make you worried. It's just another one of the ways a company will distance you from them.

4 Your Company Is In Financial Trouble

A bad financial situation affects a company from head to toe, and it can hurt anybody within it. A natural outcome of a company in financial trouble is to start laying off employees. If you find yourself in a situation where your company's future is looking grim, start looking for a new job ASAP. You never know when the company will give you the axe just to stay afloat.

3 Your Managers/Colleagues Are Avoiding You

Just because you’re going to be fired doesn’t mean people want you gone. If people are suddenly avoiding you, it’s probably because they can’t look at you without feeling guilty. If people suddenly change the topic when you come by or you hear a bunch of hushing sounds, then it’s possible that they’re talking about you getting canned by the boss. Avoidance behavior like this is an obvious clue that you're the center of attention, but in this case it's the kind of attention you wish you weren't getting.

2 Your Boss Is Giving You Extra Attention

On the flip side of things, maybe your boss is constantly breathing down your neck. We’ve already talked about how a boss will start documenting everything you do to create firing material, and it’s possible that he’s going to try to “catch you in the act” as well. If you feel like you're getting far more attention from the boss than you'd like, then beware of what might be coming.

1 Your Core Responsibilities Are Given To Others While You Work On “Special Projects” (aka Busy Work)

If the boss is starting to give you pointless busy work, it’s a bad sign. It's just another one of the ways that people are distanced from their jobs, as the company prepares to remove you completely. Think about it, the boss specifically hired you to do those duties, so it's a bad sign if he no longer wants you on top of them.

Sometimes these signs can be chalked up to simply being “off” days, days where others are simply being a little different than they usually are. But if any of them are recurring, or if you’re seeing multiple signs, then you need to seriously start considering searching for - and applying to - new jobs.

Remember, it’s far better to go to interviews you don’t need than it is to not have interviews you desperately need.

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8 Signs That You're About To Be Fired