8 Bizarre Jobs That Aren't Real... But Will Be

The world is a constantly changing place. Discoveries that have surpassed every human expectation have been made through the ages; we are living in a truly incredible, innovative world. Simply taking a look back at recent history shows the incredible level of advancement human beings have achieved, beyond what man ever thought possible. Unbelievable inventions, such as the printing press, the automobile and now the internet and all that accompanies it have revolutionised the world we live in. As well as that, they have provided many people, in one way or another, with a career. Popular, new inventions change the social structures of our society by creating jobs, new opportunities and new ways to interact. Years ago, there was no such thing as computer programmers. Hundreds of years ago, Formula 1 drivers were non-existant. It is irrefutable that society as we know it is constantly morphing and developing.

Likewise, there are many jobs that exist today that will not exist in the future. These are jobs in dying industries which don't have a place in society any longer. A common example is film processors (i.e., the person who puts the reel of film on to show in a cinema). However, it is predicted that many, many more jobs will disappear in the future, due to the introduction of robots. In the future, robots could be used for everything, from simple jobs (like a cashier) to more complex jobs such as repair work. It's also very likely that robots will be used as soldiers instead of people in future wars. These are just small examples of how our society will change and how the opportunities available for generations in the future will be very different to the opportunities available today.

While we hear many lamentations about the possible jobs that won't exist in the future, we tend to forget about all those sci-fi-esque jobs that will actually be created by technological advancements. For a glimpse at the brave new world waiting for us, we've compiled information on 8 crazy jobs that will realistically exist in the future.

8 Organ Agents

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Organ donation is a huge business, even in today's society. The volume of people who need organ donations is increasing by the year and currently, there are nearly 90,000 people on waiting lists for new organs across the entirety of the United States. Shockingly, over 4,000 names are added to these waiting lists every month. According to the National Kidney Foundation, 17 people die every day whilst waiting for a transplant.

The demand for organs will not cease, meaning that being an organ agent is a likely career in the future. People will pay big money to someone who can quickly source them something (be it a heart, a liver or a kidney) that will ultimately save their life.

7 3D-Printed Food Chefs

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3D printing has already taken the world by storm. From having fun printing 3D printed action figures, to the worldwide panic about 3D printed guns, 3D printing is a phenomenon that doesn't seem like it will come to an end anytime soon. According to Chris Anderson, the former editor of WIRED, "3D printing will be bigger than the Internet." 3D printed food has now become the latest craze. This is entirely possible, and looks as though it will become very popular in the future. It is reported that NASA may be considering plans to serve up 3D printed food to their astronauts. With this in mind, it is completely rational to believe that 3D printed food chefs will exist in the future.

6 Drone Providers & Repairs

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Drones are a buzzword when it comes to future technologies. Drones are almost definitely going to be commonplace soon, and they will be used for everything, from tour guides to transporting Amazon's packages. Yes, really. Amazon has already launched plans for "Amazon Prime Air", a service that delivers your item by drone within 30 minutes of you ordering it. With so many drones predicted to be filling the skies in the near future, it is inevitable that large Drone companies who provide and repair drones will also appear.

5 Body Part Sellers

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As creepy as this sounds, this is an actual possibility. Biological science, just like all sciences, is evolving at a rapid rate. Last year, scientists in the US grew an artificial ear in a lab. The ear was created using a small cluster of human cells. The success of the project was incredible: Although the ear wasn't fully formed, the tissue was shaped like an ear, and it was flexible, one of the most distinct features of the human ear. This type of science will likely progress in the future towards the growth of fully formed organs within labs.

There could then be a service available for people with amputated limbs or certain deformities to purchase new limbs. It looks like this might be a long way off though. Salamanders and other animals that regenerate limbs easily are notoriously difficult for scientists to study. Without a thorough understanding of how regeneration works for animals, it will be almost impossible to make it feasible for humans.

4 Earthquake Forecasters

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This might not seem like much to begin with, but think about it: Accurate earthquake forecasters do not exist. Modern day meteorologists can only tell the weather. Earthquakes are natural disasters that occur without much prior warning. The cause of earthquakes is the movement of tectonic plates deep beneath the earth's crust. Currently, there is no effective way to predict earthquakes and take necessary action to save lives. Because of the completely unpredictable nature of earthquakes, hundreds of thousands of lives have been claimed in recent years due to earthquakes and the tsunamis they cause.

Fortunately, scientists are working day and night to discover a method of detecting earthquakes in advance. The Stellar Solutions QuakeFinder Division is a very promising organisation currently examining electromagnetic pulses in the earth. One day, they hope to be able to read these pulses and predict future earthquakes.

3 Amnesia Surgeons

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Everyone has something that they want to forget. Well, in the future, forgetting bad memories may become more possible than you think. There are already psychologists out there who specialise in helping people to recall memories that they have completely repressed. Why can't the same be possible for people who want to forget something? The key to the future of amnesia surgeons may lie in modern day hypnosis techniques. Hypnotists use highly complex psychological techniques in order to make their subject's mind go numb. If this could be utilised by psychologists to allow people to forget a bad breakup or bad childhood memory... they stand to make a lot of cash. It's all a little too reminiscent of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'.

2 Rewilder

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The number of human beings on planet earth is increasing steadily each year. However, there really isn't much space left. Thousands of acres of land are cleared every single day because of human demand, destroying the natural flora and fauna that exist in the wild. In the future, rewilders will be in high demand.

The job of a rewilder will be to restore a natural environment that has been destroyed by human beings. This will include demolition work (clearing manmade roads and structures), land preparation and the reintroduction of an area's natural flora and fauna. Rewilders do exist to some extent today, but they are not very common nor in high demand. However, if mankind continues to destroy the environment at the same pace it does today, this is likely to change.

1 Digital Therapists

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In the future, blogging, web forums, social media and other online platforms will continue to advance and will dominate every moment of our waking lives. These days, people put huge amounts of information about themselves online. In the future, it is predicted that our lives will become so digitised that it will actually start to drive people insane.

While advances in technology offer a myriad of benefits to mankind, it is important to remember that using technology is not exactly natural. Humans still have primal needs such as food, sleep and face-to-face communication. It is predicted that in the future, the increased popularity of "living online" will result in increased levels of depression, loneliness and withdrawal from society, creating a niche for therapists specialising in digital addiction and the symptoms of this disorder.

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