6 Tips For Landing That Promotion

Everybody has their eyes on that big promotion. Who wouldn’t? More money, more prestige, more power… It’s certainly an eye-grabber. In fact, for many people it’s a necessary part of what they want to do. Lots of people want to move up the corporate ladder and upgrade their professional life.

But this means that lots of people are going to be gunning for that promotion as well, increasing the competition and, in turn, the steps necessary to land it.

This means that everybody’s going to have to work twice as hard (or more so) to beat out the competitors. Because, again, who doesn’t want to land a big fat promotion? So you’ve got to expect to work not only hard, but smart as well, because everybody else will be doing so.

It’s going to be tough, but you’re going to need to know all the essentials necessary to elevate yourself above the competition. If you don’t know these essentials, then you shouldn’t be surprised when Jim or Carol (or Steve, whom you hate so much) land the promotion instead. It’ll be because they took the time to prepare themselves to be the most suitable candidates around, and they’ll deserve it because they armed themselves with the knowledge necessary to be promoted.

So, in the interest of leaving your coworkers jealous of your success, here are the most important tips for landing that big promotion for yourself (and preventing Steve from becoming your superior in the process).

If you follow these tips well enough, then maybe you won’t even need to ask for the promotion; it might just be offered to you for being such an awesome worker.


6 Learn Why Others Were Promoted Before You

Before you can work towards a promotion, you need to know what it takes to land it. Do some research and see who’s been promoted before. Ask those people why they were promoted and try to look for a pattern. What you want is to see the most recurring reasons for promotions where you work - that way you can work on adding those skills to your repertoire. The easiest way to be promoted is to be the one who deserves it most, and that’s a solid step toward that goal.

5 Develop Your Influence (Know The Right People)


You might hate it, but strategic networking is invaluable to those looking to move up the corporate ladder. In general, it’s smart to be well-liked by your colleagues and peers. But to get the most bang for your buck, start attaching yourself to the people with the power to upgrade your career.

Obviously, people like your boss are at the top of that list, but corporate power isn’t the only useful one. Bosses can - and do - play favorites, so find out if your boss tends to listen to a specific person or set of people. Those are the “behind-the-scenes” people in power, and make strong allies if you are buddy-buddy with them when it comes time to land that promotion.

4 Make Your Boss Look Good

A sure-fire way of moving to the top of the promotion list is by making your boss look good in front of his boss. Bosses LOVE this (well, I guess everybody does), so take advantage of opportunities that allow this.

For instance, if you and your team just successfully completed a project, applaud the boss for his leadership skills. If your boss is at a loss for words during a meeting, step in with a question or comment that you know for sure the boss can answer. Just have their back and make them look good, kind of like you would for a close friend.

You can do this without coming off as a suck-up - you’ve just got to be honest with your praise. If you’re complimenting the boss for every tiny thing at every possible time, you’ll be seen through. But if you’re genuine, and you watch your boss’ back and help them when they’re struggling, then you’ll be on the fast track to promotionville.

3 Create A Success Wheel


When your boss is sitting in their office deciding who’s going to get the promotion, you need them to actually need time to go over all your accomplishments. How can you do this? By having a string of accomplishments for them to mull over.

Whenever you can, take on projects that you know you can succeed in. Do this as often as possible, until you have a list of successful projects under your belt. You want the boss to go “he led this project, completed this project, did this project…” The key, though, is to make absolutely sure that you can complete a project, because that’s what’s going to make you stand out. You could take on tougher projects, but at the end of the day people (and especially your superiors) only care about results.

2 Share Your Accomplishments

Of course, it’s important that you work hard and take on projects, but you can’t just rely on your accomplishments to speak for themselves. No, you’ve got to make it known that you’re doing great work.

Share your accomplishments whenever you can, let it be known that you’ve done your job. Your boss is always going to be too busy to keep up with the professional achievements of all of his workers, so you need to go the extra mile and make sure he knows about yours. Send out status updates, “bump” into your boss occasionally and let him know what tasks you just finished – just try and be visible without being a showboat. If you can just stay on radar, you increase your chances of being promoted.

1 Ask For The Promotion


Everything you’ve done has led up to this point. For some people, this is actually harder than all the other tips. But at the end of the day you can’t just hope for a promotion, you have to go out and take it!

Remember, anybody can be promoted so long as they’re willing to work hard, and work even smarter. Once you get those things out of the way, you probably won’t even need to ask for the promotion. It’ll be handed to you on a silver platter.


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