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Before traveling, research a few events happening at your travel destination. Go to those events and work the room (make eye contact, approach people, talk to them). Stand confidently and share what you do.

From my experience of networking events, people love meeting foreigners. When I tell people I’m Canadian, they

usually have a bunch of questions for me (and the first question is usually, "How cold does it get?"). Being foreign is a great conversation starter. Once you’ve got the conversation going, you can move on to what you do. Practice how you talk about yourself. What do you do?

Nail your elevator pitch like a boss. Tantalize whoever you’re talking to. Name drop, if you can. Make them want to look you up online.

Listen. It’s not just about you. Actually listen to the person you’re talking to. Show genuine interest in others, and others will show genuine interest in you.

Follow the people you meet on Instagram. Once the conversation is flowing, and it’s time to exchange contact information, you’ll want to follow that person in real time. Your Instagram page is your business card.

How this could benefit your business: You’ll meet a bunch of new people who may be potential clients or collaborators.

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