15 Shockingly Weird Professions From Around the World

Most people have jobs out of need. Some are lucky enough to have a job that's fun, but the vast majority typically tend to have a 9 to 5 job, where they go to their office every day and sit in front of a computer, staring at the clock waiting for their day to end. However, there are a number of really odd jobs all over the world that don't involve an office desk and are anything but boring.

Some occupations are slightly dirtier and stranger than others, whether it's a chicken sexer, a professional cuddler, an ear cleaner or even an ostrich babysitter. They may not make a whole lot of money, but people who occupy these jobs most likely have a ton of crazy stories to share and are sure to make great small talk, especially at a cocktail party when asked the common question "What do you do for a living?"

"Oh... I'm a Gumologist" (yes, it is a real thing).

Engaging in small talk will definitely become interesting if you come across anyone who has any of the professions listed below.

Here are our list of 15 of the oddest professions in the world:

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14 Pet Food Tester

Via whydev.org

Have you ever wondered what your pet's food taste like? Well... If you have, perhaps you may want to try being a pet food tester. Tasters are asked to calculate the quality and nutritional value of the food. Most taste the food and then spit it out right after tasting it. Most pet food tasters have doctorate degrees as they are required to have the ability to design reports and analyze nutritional ideas for different pet food products. Tasting is important, but their main objective is to ensure the best nutritional value for your beloved pets.

13 Gumologist

The bubble gum industry is a huge and thriving business worth billions of dollars and one that continues to grow about 8 percent every year, so of course it's important to have a flawless product and that's where a gumologist comes in. Gum has to have a burst of flavor and a certain sweetness to it, which is why there are gumologists to do the job.They're responsible for blowing and measuring gum and then chewing the gum to test the flavor before it is released to the public to buy.

12 Face Feeler

A face feeler kind of sounds a bit like some monster from a horror movie, but it is actually a profession and it's exactly what it sounds like; a person who spends their day feeling the faces of their customers after they have used skin care products. They study any changes that may occur after using new products. It does sound like an odd job, but there are definitely worse jobs to have than a face feeler. Being on the receiving end of a face feeler doesn't seem too bad either, it's basically a free relaxing face rub after trying out new products before they hit the market.

11 Odor Tester

Via unusual.info

Do you ever buy a product and absolutely loath or love the smell of it? Well, odor testers are the reason for the smells of the products we buy. They work in a number of different industries from perfume to underarm deodorant, where the odor tester has to sample smell armpits that are applied with different smelling deodorants. Mouthwash odor testers go around smelling people's breath.  If an odor tester sounds like a profession you might like, the requirement is a degree in chemistry and they usually make around $35,000 a year.

10 Chicken Sexer

If you're looking for a new occupation and don't want to spend years of your life going to school, chicken sexers don't require a lot of education and quite often can learn on the spot. A chicken sexer is an important asset to the farming world as they are part of the process that separates the males from the females and sends chicken meat and eggs to grocery stores all over the world. It is extremely important to find out the sex of a chicken at a young age considering that females lay eggs and the males are used for their meat.

9 Snake Milker

Via youtube.com

A snake milker isn't exactly what it sounds like, but it's close. Snake milkers extract venom from snakes. The job of a snake milker is the farthest thing from easy in fact, most of them have doctorate degrees. Snake venom is a highly effective resource which is used to produce a number of different pharmaceutical drugs. Some of the types of snakes, sought out for their venom are rattlesnakes, vipers, sea snakes and copperheads. The antidote is called "antivenom" and is made from the actual venom itself. Therefore, a snake milker is a very important and brave occupation, as hospitals are always in search for snake venom.

8 Professional Sleeper

Via newscenter.philips.com

If you're looking for a second job for some extra cash, professional sleepers can make about $15,000 a year catching up on some much needed sleep. The occupation of a professional sleeper provides doctors with the research needed for sleep studies. The only downfall of this profession is probably all of the machines you're hooked up to while you sleep, but it is a necessity in order for doctors to monitor your heart rate and brain activity. Sure, they tend to leave you with gunk in your hair - but hey, it's an easy way to make some extra money.

7 Ostrich Babysitter

Via thelrfamily.com

Ostrich babysitters are often hired by farms, zoos, and safari parks to make sure the birds stay out of mischief. It sounds like an easy job, being outside in nature, surrounded by beautiful birds, but it's anything but easy or pleasant and can be dangerous at times. Ostriches are actually territorial creatures and can be aggressive and fight one another with their powerful kicks or viciously peck at each other. Babysitters need to ensure the safety of all of the ostriches as they are very curious birds who can find themselves in trouble and at times get injured.

6 Professional Ear Cleaner

Via theadventuresofteamhiemstra.com

A professional ear cleaner used to be a very popular art form passed down from generation to generation, but as the years pass by it is a profession that has become an unwanted trade. After all, it seems almost lazy and unsanitary to not take the time to clean your own ears, but in case you don't have the time there are still people in this occupation that will walk up and down the streets of India and offer to clean your ears of any wax or dirt, by using a long needle covered with cotton and a pair of pincers.

5 Food Stylist

Via archives.jrn.columbia.edu

A food stylist is normally hired for "dressing up" and arranging food for photo shoots for magazines, TV shows, billboards and commercials. The job of a food stylist requires more than just making food look beautiful, they also need to have vast knowledge in the areas of photography and videography. Their main objective is to make the food look beautiful in order to entice big companies' customers to keep purchasing the desired food, and they do this by using the appropriate colors, lighting and decor to make the food stand out and grab consumers' attention.

4 Professional Mourner

Via stripersonline.com

Professional Mourners aka moirologists have been a very popular occupation in Eastern and Mediterranean cultures for years, and is just now becoming a favorable job in other parts of the world. A professional mourner's job is to go to funerals and, well, mourn. Basically what this means is they cry, put up a fuss, stay around the coffin and at times even give the eulogy. There is a business in the U.K. called Rent-a Mourner and they offer this service for funerals with an expected low turnout.

3 Professional Cuddler

Via huffingtonpost.co.uk

For anyone that needs that extra cuddle, perhaps hiring a professional cuddler isn't a bad idea. This profession started in Asia and now there are cuddle professionals popping up all over the world. Basically, all you have to do is find  a cuddler in your area and they will spend up to 30 minutes teaching you the power of the human touch. Don't worry, your clothes stay on the entire time and the cost is usually $30 t0 $40 per cuddle session. People with this profession generally love cuddling and take their job very seriously.

2 Oshiya

Via stripes.com

If you live in a big city or have traveled to one, chances are that you have ridden on a packed subway or train. Well, if you have been to Japan, chances are that you've seen an Oshiya. The definition of an Oshiya is a person who pushes people onto trains. This sounds somewhat rude, right? Well... No, they're normally students that are looking for extra income and work part-time in the mornings, during rush hour and actually push as many people as possible onto the trains to make sure that the maximum capacity of the subways are met.

1 Toques

Via i-am-bored.com

In Mexico, it's common to pay to get shocked while walking along the street and usually this shock will costs around $2 to $4. The device used to give you a jolt is a little box of six AA batteries and a transformer controlling the voltage that goes as high as 100 volts. Getting a toque has become popular in Mexico, especially around nightclubs and bars as it provides an adrenaline rush and enhances an individual's buzz. Some people have compared the shock received by a toque to that of sticking your fingers in an electric outlet.

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