10 University Majors That Pay You Back

If you are considering college, or a change of majors, then it better be worth your while to change the field of study that you want to follow. Due to the fact that certain majors are going to help yo

If you are considering college, or a change of majors, then it better be worth your while to change the field of study that you want to follow. Due to the fact that certain majors are going to help you earn a higher pay rate when you are out of school than others, you have to know what these are, and what kind of earnings you can expect when you are out of school. Depending on the areas of study that you are interested in pursuing, and the fields that are going to pay the best once you are out, it is important to consider the top career paths to follow. In addition to considering how much you are going to earn, you also have to keep in mind the amount of work you are going to do, and how difficult these majors are when you are deciding a path.

Although pay back should not be the only thing you keep in mind when you are choosing a career path or college major, you do have to keep it in mind when you are applying to schools, or making a change from one major to another. Many think that a business major is the way to go, this is not the case; as a matter of fact, a majority of the top paying career paths are in the field of engineering. So, if you have a passion for it, or if you are simply hoping to earn more down the road, there are a few career options to consider when you are getting started. These are among the top 10 university majors that pay you back, and are going to result in the highest earning pay check when you are done with your schooling, and in a career of choice.

10 Marketing & Communications: $75,000

For those who love the world of marketing, or working with a larger company and doing the PR work for them, you can earn a higher salary in your career as well. Starting out, pay rates range near the $39,000 mark, but middle career earners are making nearly $75,000 annually. Creating ads and marketing campaigns, or developing statements for public organization heads to make, are some of the duties you will work on in this career field.

9 Government: $95,600

Working in a government position will take some time, but will eventually pay off. The starting rate is around $42,000 for a position, and middle career earners make around $95,600. Depending on the branch, and how high your security clearance is, this figure will obviously jump up, or be a little higher.

8 Construction Management: $90,000

For those who have an eye for design, or who enjoy working on a construction site, this career might pay off as well. The starting pay is a bit lower, around $50,000, but when you reach the middle of your career, earnings can jump significantly to about $90,000. The longer you work in the career, and the bigger the company that you work for, obviously the higher the pay scale will reach.

7 Electrical Engineer: $106,000

$64,300 is the starting salary, and mid career earnings are around $106,000 in this field. In this field you will design computers and other electronics used in a variety of fields. Building the machines, and internal configurations, is a major part of the work you will do in this field of work.

6 Computer Engineering: $107,000

Earning rates are similar to electrical engineers, earning about $64,000 when starting, and about $107,000 for mid career individuals. Crunching numbers and data, to find out what the data means for different people and tests, are the tasks you will do on a daily basis, in this office job.

5 Aerospace Engineering: $109,000

$66,000 is the median starting pay rate, while $109,000 is earned by those who have been in the field for a number of years. The study of math and science is critical to working in space, landing, and design for spaceships that take off. Building machines that can reach the highest destinations, and working on the parts, are some things you will do in this field of work.

4 Chemical engineering: $116,000

In this field, you can expect to earn $68,000 to start, and around $116,000 after several years in the field. Manufacturing pharmaceuticals, the ingredients in medicine, and working in healthcare, are just some of the tasks individuals in this field will take on. Figuring the right amount of each ingredient to put in the mix, and determining what should go in different medications, are just some of the tasks a chemical engineer will be entrusted with.

3 Nuclear Engineers: $117,000

You can earn about $67,000 when starting out, and up to $117,000 mid way through your career. Applying theories, testing different products, working on principle testing, and design work for power supplies, or water mains, are some things you might engage with in this career. It is mainly an office job, but work is done in labs as well.

2 Actuarial mathematics: $120,000

Although starting pay rates are only about $59,000, about midway through your career you can expect to earn about $120,000. Consulting firms, insurance companies, government work, are some of the many consulting jobs you will take on in this field of work. You will work with executive heads, and consult, and suggest paths to take, depending on the company's financial integrity.

1 Petroleum Engineering: $160,000

Earning about $103,000 as a starting salary, and $160,000 mid-career salary, this is the toughest of the fields, but also the highest paying field of engineering you can enter into once you have completed schooling. These engineers are usually employed by petroleum and fuel companies, in order to run different tests, and to determine the best methods of extracting fuel. This is done through a series of testing, data collection, and other on field work, as well as lab research that is done, in order to help fuel and petroleum suppliers not only save on the cost of production, but also use the least amount of resources during the extraction process that they will undergo.

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10 University Majors That Pay You Back