10 Types Of Therapists That Make The Most Money

Therapy takes a variety of forms, both physical and mental and is an industry that has skyrocketed in recent years, as people have begun to value their health more highly.  Many forms of therapy can be rewarding for both therapists and clients, and the industry is additionally quite lucrative. Therapies that attempt to repair and mend the body include types such as: physical, yoga and massage. These types attempt to target injured or stressed areas, and rejuvenate them through a variety of techniques. There are also several forms of therapy that target the mind rather than the body, including therapy centered on sports, marriage and psychoanalytic perspectives. Whether therapy is targeting the mind or the body, it tends to be a prolonged process, not a quick fix. While several types of therapy may be part of booming businesses, some types of therapy are inherently more profitable than others, whether it’s because they fulfill a niche market or because they cater to wealthier clients. The following list of ten different types of therapy include some of the most lucrative therapist careers to pursue.

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10 Yoga

Yoga studios seem to be cropping up on every street corner, as more and more celebrities sing its praises. Yoga can be restorative and preventative, and assist people with both physical injuries and mental stress. There are many types of yoga for a range of mental and physical stresses. While yoga can be extremely accessible price-wise – it’s possible to practice in your home or at cheap classes at the gym – it’s also a notoriously expensive activity, that makes it a lucrative form of therapy. In addition to the $27 billion that has been spent on yoga gear, it’s common for high-end yoga studios to charge hundreds of dollars per month. Many find the peace of mind and body well worth the exorbitant prices.

9 Acupuncture

Like yoga, acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that has been endorsed by Hollywood celebrities for years, which helps explain some of its popularity. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of medicine that aims to correct perceived imbalances of life energy, through a holistic process. Extremely fine needles are inserted into the skin at key-points, to achieve unison of the body’s energies. Although acupuncture is homeopathic, insurance programs often cover the process, which helps to offset its high cost – acupuncture tends to range from $60 - $120 per session. However, it can be much more expensive depending on the practitioner, making acupuncture a type of therapy that rakes in the dough.

8 Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy covers an incredibly wide range of mental issues, from the minor to the severe: psychotherapy is helpful for mental health issues like depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Psychotherapy requires extensive medical training and can be practiced by several different medical professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. While psychotherapy can be covered by insurance, it can also cost several hundreds of dollars per hour – some of the top practitioners have rates similar to lawyers.  In addition to being one of the most social and rewarding types of therapy to practice, psychotherapy can also be one of the best types for a therapist’s wallet – with 27% of American adults investing in psychotherapy, there’s no shortage of clients or cash flow.

7 Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is another type of alternative medicine. It attempts to melt away fat by injecting medicine, including homeopathic treatments, vitamins and minerals, into subcutaneous fat just under the skin. Because cellulite is notoriously difficult to eliminate, mesotherapy often targets it. One of the most preeminent doctors in the field is Dr. Lionel Bissoon, who brought mesotherapy to the United States in the 1990s, and has pioneered new treatments. Dr. Bissoon has also been featured on the Rachel Ray Show. Originally popular in France, mesotherapy is now gaining traction in the U.S. and has the potential to be an extremely lucrative type of therapy, since treatments tend to be expensive.

6 Nutritionist

Nutritionists aim to assist people who have difficulty making good choices regarding health and diet. Nutritionists can analyze certain aspects of a person’s life and help them discover what is inhibiting them from leading a healthier lifestyle. Individual focus is key, for each person will have different reasons and personal difficulties that they are facing. Because the term “nutritionist” is not legally protected in many countries, the career can have a high payoff with little formal training. The opportunity for zero debt and ability to casually charge $150 per hour make this type of therapy a very profitable avenue to pursue.

5 Physical therapy

Physical therapy can treat a variety of bodily aches and pains, generally focused on improving mobility and functionality. Like psychotherapy, physical therapy requires extensive medical training. However, the years of training and expensive school fees can have a big pay off. Physical therapists are one of the most highly paid types of therapists, and additionally, often have careers at hospitals that provide extensive benefits. If you’re paying out-of-pocket for a physical therapist, you can expect to pay up to $200 per session. This kind of hourly rate, plus enviable benefits, earn physical therapy the fourth slot on this list.

4 Sex therapy

Sex therapy is a specific type of psychotherapy that aims to deal with all sorts of sexual dysfunctions. Whether you find yourself unable to orgasm, have difficulty maintaining an erection, having a low libido, or are just hoping to learn to fully enjoy your sex life, then sex therapy is for you. Many people find themselves embarrassed when it comes to seeking sex therapy, but acting as a practitioner is definitely a smart financial move. Depending on location and ability, the cost of sex therapy can range up to over $200 per session – as an added bonus, you get paid to talk about sex all day.

3 Massage therapy

Unlike physical therapy, massage therapy generally only takes about a year of full-time schooling. However, it can be a financially prosperous opportunity, considering the relatively low commitment. Especially in decadent tourist areas like Las Vegas, where poolside massages are a must, massage therapy can be a stimulating and well-paid career path. For example, an in-room massage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas costs a whopping $375 for a 100-minute session. If you’re a massage therapist who’s working independently, you can be pocketing a lot of cash, while bringing health and happiness through touch, to people every day.

2 Equine-assisted therapy

Because equine-assisted therapy is such a niche market, the cost of this type of therapy can be very high, making it an extremely lucrative position. The premise of equine-assisted therapy is that horseback riding mimics human walking and utilizes specific muscle groups that can assist the body in healing. It is often targeted towards people with disabilities and, in addition to the focus on physical improvement, prizes the relationship between horse and human. Having a companion to care for can be a very therapeutic and relaxing experience. Facilitators of equine-assisted therapy are often highly paid, due to the unique service that they offer.

1 Sports psychology

Sports psychology is a burgeoning field and is essentially, like sex therapy, a specialized type of psychotherapy. Sports psychology focuses specifically on how to win certain sports, often through maintenance of optimism, self-confidence and self-esteem – even the greats like Tiger Woods have claimed that sports psychology has helped get their game back on track. This type of therapy has earned the top spot on this list, largely because it appeals to the big names in sport: a wealthy client pool equals a wealthy practitioner. Plus, hotshots in sports often insist that their sports psychologist travel with them to various sporting events – hello, celebrity best friend and paid vacation.

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