10 Things Your Employees Are Thinking But Not Telling You

The relationship between an employer and an employee is one of the weirdest relationships in human society, because these two people usually have to spend many hours every day together and they don’t necessarily like each other. Yes, you can have a boss and his or her employee sharing a laugh once in a while and be tempted to think that their relationship is great, but in many cases you could not be further from the truth.

It is important to realize that an employee just wants to make his or her boss happy in order to secure his or her job, and the boss wants to keep the employee happy for him or her to keep making more money for the company. If you want to know whether these two are genuine friends, wait until the employee moves to a different company for whatever reason. If the two keep in touch, then they had a genuine friendship, but chances are that they will not.

The boss is allowed to speak his or her mind when dealing with his or her employees and he or she can say anything, just because they are the boss. The employee on the other hand, cannot speak out his mind or say just anything in front of his or her boss, but this does not prevent them from saying anything behind the boss' back or thinking things that they would never let out of their mouths.

Here are a few things that all employees think about their bosses but can never really tell them, maybe until the day they resign...or get fired.


10 Office Social Events Are a Waste of Time

Most bosses think that an office social event is the event that all employees look forward to all year; they could not be more wrong. Although these social events can be fruitful in their own way, most employees still feel as if they are at work, yet they are supposed to be having fun. For a social event to be successful, the people in attendance should be able to feel free to be themselves and interact with people they actually like. Most employees think a social event with workmates and bosses is of no benefit at all, and if they had the option of skipping the event to go and hang out with their actual friends, they would not even think of attending.

9 Money is Not Everything at Work


Although all employees report to work at their designated times because they want to make money, it would be wrong for an employer to assume that the salaries that they pay are all they owe their employees. Employees want to work in an environment that has the necessary equipment for them to carry out their work, a place that is comfortable, peaceful, has basic human amenities, and is a place they can enjoy working from and interacting with their colleagues. If your company offices are lacking in any way or if the next door offices are far better than your offices, your employees will just smile at you but really be criticizing the office environment behind your back.

8 The Meetings Are So Boring

Most employees find meetings at work to be boring, especially those where the boss repeats everything he or she has been saying all year, or those where he or she calls everyone in just to complain. Also, the meetings that go on for too long, with speakers who have zero communication skills, are some of the worst. The employer might be organizing the meetings to boost employee performance, address particular needs in the company, or set weekly or daily targets, but the fact that the employees find no pleasure in them makes them a total fail. Most employees are ready to be bored out of their minds, but they will act as if everything is just fine when called for meetings.

7 I Cannot Relax Whenever You Are Around


When people invite their bosses to a party, most of them are just being polite and hope that their bosses will decline the offer. The boss might be a truly good person and would even be great company, but the reality is that employees will never truly relax around their bosses. The above feeling is the same when you go out for drinks and your boss happens to come along; you will be all on-edge, carefully watching everything you do or say, hoping that what you do will not affect your employment status negatively. Most employees think that they have to always act in a particular way in front of their bosses regardless of the forum, and this makes it very difficult for them to relax in events where they are supposed to relax.

6 You Are Not The Great Leader You Think You Are

Being the boss does not necessarily mean that you are a great leader, and employees will know whether you are a good leader within their first month working with you. Most bosses never give their employees the opportunity to share their views, since the employees at times have much better solutions to problems compared to what the bosses think. When bosses dictate how they want every aspect handled, employees will not even try improving on the idea, but will be more than happy just delivering exactly what the boss asks. A great leader is always open to opinions from everyone, and they get to achieve greatness from combining everyone's strengths, both in their leadership skills and in their achievement of company objectives. So if you insist on running every aspect of the show, your employees will praise you for being their leader, but they are all thinking just how terrible of a leader you are.

5 Guidance, Not Yelling, Will Make Me Work Better 


Employees are human beings, and this makes them prone to making mistakes. Some bosses have unrealistic expectations from their employees and when they fall short, they react by yelling at them, giving them a harsh lecture, or even calling them names. No one likes to be yelled at or made to feel small, and more often than not, people will even repeat the same mistake just to piss you off. An employee deserves respect and should therefore be corrected respectfully until the day he or she is no longer fit to work in your company. Therefore, if you want your employees to work better, try guiding them to doing what you want them to do. In addition to thinking bad thoughts about you when you are screaming at them, they will not be motivated to please you.

4 I Am Leaving As Soon As I Get a Better Offer

It is very important for all employers to realize that the employees they have are not all there because of how much they love the company; they are there primarily because the company is helping them to pay the bills. If any of your employees were to receive an offer from your competitors that is just slightly more than what you are paying them now, they would not even think twice about leaving you. Most employees spend their free time in the office sending their resumes to different companies hoping to secure an interview, and some even embark on serious job hunting escapades when they are on leave. Although there are a few employees you can depend on to stick with you through thick and thin, the greater number is always thinking about going for greener pastures.


3 You Are Not Half As Funny As You Think You Are


Some lucky employees have bosses who actually try to make a meeting or even the office environment a bit fun by cracking jokes. Employees long to work under such bosses, because they make it easy to approach them in case of anything. However, one thing employees will never tell their 'funny' bosses is that they have, more often than not, laughed at some jokes that were not even remotely funny. An employee knows that as long as he or she makes the boss happy, then he or she is likely to keep his or her job for a very long time. Therefore, as your employees laugh at all your attempts at being funny, just know at the back of their minds they are just laughing because you are the boss.

2 Do Not Disrespect My Time

Employers are usually very strict when it comes to the time that they want their employees reporting to work, as well as the time they leave. In the same way that you want your employee to respect the working hours, then you should also respect every minute that belongs to them. Some employers keep calling their employees in the middle of the night to give them instructions, they ask them to come to work a few days even when they are on leave, and they give deadlines that are impossible to meet unless the employees work on a project around the clock. Most employees will not tell their bosses not to disrespect their time, but they will think it every minute they are sacrificing, and complain about you every opportunity they get.

1 You Are Not Paying Me Enough


How much money do you think your boss should pay you? Contentment is such a rare quality, that not even the highest paid employees in a company would decline a pay rise because they think they are earning enough. Even though very few employees will have the courage to go to their bosses and ask for a raise, almost all employees think of just how underpaid they are. The above situation gets worse for employees who know just how much the company makes, and how much the boss gets to go home with. Even the best employers will have employees thinking that they are not paid enough, and there is usually little one can do to change this belief among all employees.


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