10 Popular Jobs That Are Quickly Disappearing

It's happening. Robots are finally taking over the world. OK, maybe it’s not quite like the robotic revolution that you see in television shows or movies, but modern technological advancements have

It's happening. Robots are finally taking over the world.

OK, maybe it’s not quite like the robotic revolution that you see in television shows or movies, but modern technological advancements have made it possible for automated machinery to take over your current job. This technology is also making other jobs obsolete since it is more accessible to a larger portion of people. This means that everyone can do the jobs that originally needed certain qualifications.

An academic article recently predicted 100 jobs that will most likely be automated in the near future. Greater sensors and code will be able to make it possible for robots to detect certain materials and perform as efficiently as humans in certain jobs. It is easy to imagine a realistic future where most jobs on the list will no longer require human assistance. New software is being developed every day. If you look back at the last five years and see how far we’ve come with new technology, then you can realize the possibilities in the next five years.

The article also looked at 100 jobs that are least likely to be automated. These are jobs that require human connection and communication, such as doctors and trainers. Although technological development is moving at a rapid pace, it is difficult to imagine technology that can replicate human emotions, so these jobs are safe – for now.

There are 10 popular jobs that will most likely disappear due to either modern technology or very low demand. We will dissect each one and predict the type of employment that might replace these jobs.

10 Farmer

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Farms aren't going away, but new technology can perform the same duties that are required by farmers.

With fewer resources and stricter regulations, this new technology is necessary for farmers to make a living. The issues that modern-day farmers face can’t be solved by hand anymore. While this sounds like it would benefit farmers, this technology can do the same job that farmers do. It can easily replace farmers and maybe produce crops at a higher and more efficient rate.

9 Publisher

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The days of traditional publishing companies might be coming to an end.

The only way to get a book published in the past would be to write the entire book, send it to different publishers and then hope that one of them would be willing to give you a book deal. This made it nearly impossible for writers to have a career in writing.

8 Newspaper Reporter

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That's right, Clark Kent might have to look for a new day job.

Much like the decline of hardcover books, newspapers are quickly going out of style. This is a result of the Internet providing instant information and breaking news. You can have news sent to your cellphone the minute it happens.

7 Mail Carrier

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One outcome of the digital world might be the extinction of postal workers.

It’s rare that someone would send a letter or communicate by sending mail. The existence of email and text messaging has made communication as easy as clicking a button. Most of the mail we get is junk mail or bills. However, billing can now be done online and is much easier for everyone involved. Online billing has fewer claims being rejected and reimbursements coming in faster.

6 Flight Attendant

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There is no doubt that flight attendants make flying easier. They are very helpful and are happy to offer assistance.

However, the flight attendant position is predicted to see a -7 percent employment change by 2022. This is due to budget cuts and airline mergers. Although flight attendants are helpful, a futuristic world where robots give you safety instructions and serve you food isn’t too farfetched.

5 Taxi Dispatcher

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Pretty soon that common movie scene where someone tries to flag down a taxi in the rain might be a thing of the past.

The success of Uber and Lyft have made it easier for people to find someone in their area that can drive you from point A to point B. Not only is it easy, you can also see how other people have rated the driver. This takes away the fear of getting in a taxi and being a prisoner of a driver who weaves in and out of traffic at 80 mph.

4 Librarian

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Librarians can be very helpful when you want to find a book or get a recommendation, but this doesn’t guarantee their job security.

3 Cashier

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Pretty soon you won’t have to listen to a cashier pitch you their store rewards card. What a relief.

Self-checkout is proof that the technology to get rid of cashiers already exists. Some stores hand you a scanner upon arrival to make the shopping experience easier and more automated. Although there are some flaws such as theft that come along with this system, it makes the dreaded checkout process a lot quicker.

2 Social Media Manager

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Social media manager is unlike any of the other jobs on the list. This is a fairly new job that is in a field that still has a decently high demand. So why should social media managers be worried?

Everyone has a social media account. Chances are you will go to your Twitter or Facebook account and share this article with your friends when you are done reading. Since everyone has a social media account, everyone knows how to use these said accounts. Therefore, a social media manager is not needed.

1 Telemarketer

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Heads up, telemarketers. Your days of calling me five times an hour might be over.

Automated voice messaging will make it possible for computers to do the calling instead of people. Apparently this technology already exists. Not only will a robot call you to sell something, it will be able to interpret what you are saying and give you an appropriate response. Since telemarketers are given a script to work with, it doesn’t seem unlikely that someone can install that same script into software that is developed for these robots.

Telemarketing will continue to exist, but the people who are cursed at a hundred times a day will be replaced with robots.

It’s Not Too Late

If you are working in a job that might disappear soon, it’s not too late to adjust accordingly. The reason why most of these jobs are disappearing is because something better is taking its place. Find something similar that fits today’s technological world and make a living by doing that.

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10 Popular Jobs That Are Quickly Disappearing