10 of the Greatest Jobs to Have in 2015

Find your passion and monetize it. Then, you will have found the best job in the world for you. However, what really is the best job in the world that provides a decent median salary, an optimal work-life balance and many employment opportunities? A survey conducted by USNews.com came up with some bizarre conclusions. They found that dentistry is the best job to have this year. A dentist will earn a salary of $146,340 in 2015 and there will be 23,300 new dentist jobs created in the next seven years. The profession will also have some of the lowest unemployment rates at only 0.9%.

They also found that jobs associated with the technology industry such as software developer jobs, computer system analyst jobs and information security analyst jobs are some of the best jobs this year that provide holistic opportunities. A software developer will make $92,660; a computer analyst will make $81,190 and an information security analyst will make $88,590. These industries will also have very low unemployment rates and high job openings from 2015 through to 2022.

The health industry also includes some of the greatest jobs in the world. These include physician assistant jobs, registered nurse jobs, physical therapist jobs, dentistry and nurse practitioner jobs. Of all these, the physician job will see you take the highest median salary at $186,850 this year.

Here are 10 of the greatest jobs in the world in 2015:

10 Physician Assistant

A physician assistant has a median salary of $92,970 and primarily works as part of a team with physicians. Working under doctors, physician assistants' functions include interpreting blood tests, taking a patient’s medical history, assisting doctors during surgery, diagnosing and treating diseases, and making rounds in hospitals as well as nursing homes. They are also instrumental in offering counsel on preventive health care. Physician assistants are normally found in hospitals but can also be found in physician offices, correctional institutions, and industrial settings. Physician assistant students normally go through a 26-month training program, which is equivalent to three academic years.

9 Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is a nurse who has successfully graduated from nursing school and passed a national licensing exam. He or she is then granted a nursing license. A registered nurse has a median salary of $66,220. The profession has an unemployment rate of 2% and 526,800 expected job openings. Before being granted the nursing license, registered nurses must also meet a minimum practice duration prerequisite and they must not have grave criminal convictions. Some of their functions include observation and recording of patient behavior, undertaking diagnostic tests, certifying nursing assistants and administering medications and treatments.

8 Information Security Analyst

In today’s digital world, an information security analyst is a highly valued resource. They are normally contracted by big and small businesses alike to protect their data and information from hackers and other cyber attacks. Industries that value these people include the banking industry, government agencies and IT service providers. People pursuing this career have a median salary of $88,590. It is also speculated that there will be 27,400 information security analyst job openings in the next seven years. IS analysts are tasked with setting up and putting into operation security measures to protect computer systems, putting into action network disaster recovery plans and training fellow staff on information security procedures.

7 Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst will have a median salary of $81,190 this year. There will also be 127,700 job openings in this sector with only a 3.5% unemployment rate. Their salary can also go up. In 2013, the highest paid computer system analysts earned $125,460. These analysts mainly work to resolve issues related to computer technology including malfunctions and program problems. Other tasks include testing, maintaining, and monitoring computer programs and systems, linking computer systems within an organizational network, expanding computer systems within a company to improve workflow, and recommending suitable computer software or hardware needed to be set up.

6 Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are mainly tasked with promoting mobility and function in people with impairments. They are commonly referred to as physiotherapists. Physical therapists will have a median pay of $81,030 in 2015 and it is speculated that there will be 73,500 job openings for them this year. The role of a physiotherapist also includes diagnosing and managing movement dysfunction, improving physical and functional abilities, promoting optimal wellness, fitness and quality of life as well as preventing the progression of impairment. There are also several specialty areas for physical therapists including clinical electrophysiology, cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy, neurological physical therapy, orthopedic physical therapy and pediatric physical therapy.

5 Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is not to be confused with a dentist. Dental hygienists may work with or independently of dentists and other dental professionals. Dental hygienists are mainly trained on the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. They have a median salary of $71,110. In 2015, there will be 64,200 dental hygienist job openings with a 1.7% unemployment rate. Apart from the prevention and treatment of oral diseases, dental hygienists can also take and develop dental radiographs, counsel patients on good nutrition, teach patients proper oral hygiene strategies and tactics, and undertake office management activities. Many people pursuing a dental hygienist career work part time.

4 Physician

Physicians are some of the most respected professionals in the health industry. They will have a median salary of $186,850 this year and it is also forecast that there will be 123,300 physician job openings and a less than 1% unemployment rate. Physicians generally promote, preserve and restore human health. Some of their roles include documenting a patient’s medical history, ordering tests for nurses, interpreting tests for abnormalities, giving advice to patients, and designing a plan of treatment for patients. Physicians may also work under several specialties including Gastroenterologists, Ophthalmologists, Dermatologists, Cardiologists, and Radiologists. Psychiatrists are also physicians - primarily mental health physicians.

3 Software Developer

A software developer has a median salary of $92,660. A software developer’s job may include tasks such as reviewing current systems, maintaining systems that are up and running, writing program codes, producing detailed program specifications, and preparing user manuals. The software developer is also required to install, configure, customize, integrate, and supervise the data migration after designing the software. This year, there are expected to be 139,900 software developer job openings with a 2.7% unemployment rate. There is no doubt that the software industry is a profitable one. Two out of the top 10 billionaires in the world are software developers.

2 Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is simply an advanced registered nurse. In essence, they have completed advanced coursework and clinical education compared to a registered nurse. However, their median salary in 2015 is lower – $92,670 – than that of a registered nurse. Their job description includes tasks such as ordering lab tests, conducting check-ups, treating diseases, prescribing medications, and offering preventative care. Oncology nurse practitioners can advise on the treatment regimen of cancer patients while psychiatric nurse practitioners, most of whom have Ph.Ds, may work closely with psychologists and psychiatrists and conduct psychological testing.

1 Dentist

The greatest job in the world is dentistry. This year, they will take home a median salary of $146,340. Dentistry offers the best job in terms of salary, expected employment growth and optimal work-life balance. There will also be 23,300 dentistry job openings with a 0.9 unemployment rate. Their roles include diagnosing oral diseases, creating treatment plans for the patients, interpreting tests and x-rays, safely administering anesthetics, and undertaking surgical procedures on the teeth. Dentists can also function in distinct specialties. These include dental public health, oral and maxillofacial pathology and radiology, pediatric dentistry, endodontics and orthodontics.

Source: usnews.com

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