10 Jobs Men Will Never Be Able To Do Better Than Women

Who runs the world? Did you just say, girls? Men would want to think that it is possible to live without women in this world, but even God knows that it is just not possible. When God created Adam, he realized just how lonely he was in the Garden of Eden, and had to create Eve because his loneliness would have killed him and the human race would not be in existence today… probably. Women fill the world with beauty, their ability to show love and care for all humanity is outstanding, and their contribution in relationships is invaluable. Although men have the traditional role of providing for the family, when you clearly look at the tasks that the woman has to go through on a daily basis you realize that the woman's contribution to how much the world is growing is slightly more than 50%.

In previous times, all the great jobs belonged to men, but women are slowly proving to the world that they can excel in all fields. The male-dominated fields have women ranking very highly these days, and they continue to excel in fields that suit their natural predispositions. Women might not be as aggressive, as tough, or as strong as most men, but their natural ability to care, to love, to feel, and to think straight in all situations makes them superior in their own way. The following are ten professions in which you will find a distinct difference between the performance of men and women, and in all of these the women will come out on top.

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10 Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising play a very significant role in every business, because they deal with creating awareness and the need for a particular product or service in the market. In order for a marketer to become successful in whatever he or she is doing, he or she needs to have the ability to identify the needs of the potential consumer and show just how much the potential consumer needs the product or service that she is selling. Women are far better than men at the above because they are better at understanding other people compared to men, and can therefore get into the head of the consumer and create the need for their product. Furthermore, in a world where 'sex sells' literally everything, a woman is able to market and advertise a product easier than a man.

9 Manager and Supervisor

Men would laugh at the idea that women make better managers and supervisors in comparison to them, yet they overwhelmingly dominate these professions. As good as a man is when it comes to managing a business or supervising a project, a woman is better because she will usually place more of her energy on the workers as opposed to just thinking about the project. When a woman works on improving the relationship and conditions of her subordinates, she ends up motivating them and encouraging them to become better people and eventually better workers. Women managers are usually more engaged in their work when you compare them to men, and this also translates to the workers' engagement in their work as well.

8 Waiting Tables/Dining Room Attendant

Waiters and waitresses have the ability to keep you coming back to the same restaurant repeatedly, depending on how well they treat you and in some cases regardless of how bad the food tastes. However, waitresses are far better than waiters, and their hefty tips prove just how superior they are. It is always easy for waitresses to win the favour of a male customer when she smiles, flirts, and even touches him gently on the shoulder. Since it is believed that men are heavy tippers, they will tip a woman much more money than they would a man, 100% of the time. Waiters do not have the privilege of touching their customers or even flirting with them because there is a very high chance that it will be considered inappropriate. Therefore, men will never match up to women in this profession.

7 Yoga/Fitness Instructor

Yoga is a discipline originally from India that involves meditation, breath control, bodily postures, and relaxation. Yoga has benefits for the body and the spirit, benefits that are not specific to any gender. However, most yoga instructors and people participating in yoga are women, with most men preferring to just sit and watch. Women are so much better than men in yoga because they are more flexible, they are not embarrassed of producing the various sounds that may be required of them, and they are not uncomfortable doing any of the postures that most men don’t like. Furthermore, since men like hard, competitive and tough activities, they are therefore not inclined to succeed in yoga as women are.

6 Personal Appearance Specialist, Dietitian and Nutritionist

Question; who between men and women spend more time applying makeup, using skin products, taking care of their hair, and making themselves look more appealing regardless of how late they are in the morning? The answer is obvious; women. Furthermore, women are also more concerned about their diets and nutrition when you compare them to men, which in turn makes them better professionals in the above fields. With close to 80% of all personal appearance professionals and 83% of dietitians and nutritionists being women, there is no way men can compare to women in these fields. Women have been taking care of their appearance since the moment they discovered that they were girls, and they knew just how important their diet was with regard to how attractive the opposite sex would find them.

5 Information Clerk and Customer Care Professional

When you enter a business office, you are likely to go to the information desk or customer care counter for assistance. Women make up the greater population of these professionals because they can make a visitor or a potential client feel comfortable and at home, at the same time giving them all the information they need. Women are generally better at multitasking, a quality that is invaluable when it comes to busy offices. Furthermore, the information clerks and the customer care professionals are the first people that a client will meet in a company, and the beauty that women possess naturally will always give the perfect picture.

4 Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

A gynaecologist is a professional that deals with the reproductive health and the female organs of women, whereas the obstetrician is a professional that deals with issues related to pregnancy, labour, and birth. These two professionals deal with a woman's most private parts, and most women prefer going to a woman for such personal matters. A female gynaecologist or obstetrician not only has the knowledge that she has learned in school concerning how the female body works, but she also has the experience because she walks around in one. Although many men are becoming gynaecologists and obstetricians, they will have a very hard time trying to beat women in this profession.

3 Nurse and Professional Caregiver

Although there are many great male nurses and caregivers, the above professions are ideally careers occupied by women. To become a nurse requires a high level of education, though a woman's superiority when it comes to her ability to empathise and care for her patient makes her better at this job when you compare her to a man. Although doctors get to go home with the biggest pay package when it comes to the health profession, how nurses and caregivers walk with their patients until they are fine is truly remarkable. Women make great nurses because their mothering instincts are not just limited to their children and small kids; they are just natural caregivers.

2 Kindergarten and Preschool Teacher

Women are without a doubt able to teach and take care of children much better than men can, and this ability is engraved in their DNA. A woman has the patience to mould a child's thinking, to help a child to develop basic skills, to love a child unconditionally, and she has the super power of being able to change diapers several hundred times in a day. Even in the wild, it is the responsibility of the females to take care of the young, because of the natural mothering ability they possess. Furthermore, in a profession where close to 98% of the teachers are women; it is only natural to expect a woman to do a far better job here compared to a man.

1 Secretary

A secretary is more often than not a woman, whether one is referring to the secretary of an organization, the secretary in a meeting or the secretary of a government or state. Women are great at this job because they can effectively listen and type at the same time, not to mention organize all the files, documents, points, or agendas in the best possible way. Women have owned this profession so much that it is almost odd to find a male secretary, though many exist and they do a great job as well. However, men will never become as good as women when it comes to executing secretarial functions, which is why more than 90% of all secretaries are women.

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