10 Hints That You Should Look For A New Job

In many ways your career is a testament to who you are as a person. It can tell others how much education you have; it can tell others how eager you are to move up the corporate ladder; it can tell ot

In many ways your career is a testament to who you are as a person. It can tell others how much education you have; it can tell others how eager you are to move up the corporate ladder; it can tell others how you spend at least 40 hours per week; and it can tell others what your general aspirations are.

Think about it, what’s one of the first things people ask when they first meet each other? “So, what do you do?” “I’m an accountant,” “I’m a doctor,” “I’m a teacher,” and so on, and so on… And once we hear what kind of job somebody has, we internally assess what kind of person they are.

“An accountant, huh? That requires some college I think. They probably do a lot of sitting down and math as well.” Or, “A teacher? They probably have a lot of experience dealing with the youth.” For most jobs people can guess with some degree of accuracy what it entails, excluding less common and more obscure jobs.

But have you ever found yourself thinking, “That’s a neat job, I wish I had one more like it…”?

Have you ever been jealous of a friend or family member because they tell you about the awesome adventures they have had in their career? Or that they work for a great, easygoing boss who makes their work lives challenging, yet satisfying?

It’s possible that they're simply spur of the moment thoughts and don’t actually mean much. But if they’re recurring thoughts, then it might be a sign of something deeper, something you need to address immediately.

I think it might be time that you take a look at these 10 signs that you need a new job, and see if you’re one the unlucky few who should rethink their career choices.

10 You Don’t Look Forward To Work In The Morning

One of the most sure fire ways of determining how fit your career is for you is by seeing how you feel most mornings.

What happens to you? Think about it: it’s Monday morning and your alarm has just gone off, what do you do? Do you immediately turn it off, get up, and happily get ready for the day ahead of you? Or do you hit snooze? Or do you hit snooze twice, three times even?

If you associate most of your mornings with dread because you don’t want to go to work, then that’s a sign that you should reassess your career.

9 You Are Bored And Daydream Often

What happens when you’re actually at work? Are you deeply engaged most of the time? Does time fly because you’re so invested in the work that you’re doing? Or is it the other way around and you’re you bored out of your mind?

Being bored at work the majority of the time is a definite problem. If this something you deal with on a regular basis, then you should start looking for a job that can draw you out of your shell of boredom.

8 You Hate The Work Environment

The environment mostly has to do with the people around you, and the culture that comes with them.

The worst case scenario is a toxic culture, one in which the majority of the workers complain a lot. It can be about the work itself, other employees, the rules in place, or whatever; it doesn’t really matter what people complain about, all that matters is the fact that individuals tend to become an average of the people they associate with the most.

(And for most people, it's the people you work with 40 hours per week).

This means that they’ll turn you into a negative Nancy if you stay around long enough. These kinds of people will only hold you back, and they most certainly will not approve of you leaving to pursue something more satisfying in life.

7 You Don’t Have Enough Resources To Work

Is feeling overwhelmed a normal thing for you at work? Because it shouldn’t be. Being challenged is one thing, but if it feels like you’re constantly being stretched beyond your means, then all that happens is that you’re going to have a heart attack far earlier than you should get one.

If it’s impossible for you to get the help you require, then it might be time to start looking for new work.

6 You Have No Opportunity For Growth

Being able to make progress is part of the fun of any career. But when there’s no opportunities, no goals to work toward, feelings of stagnation can arise.

This might even happen if you an have okay job already, which may delude you into thinking that you shouldn’t be complaining. Don’t fall for it, because your long-term happiness should the most important thing to consider.

(Within reason of course, if you absolutely need the money then be patient and logical with what you do).

5 You Have No Strong Feelings Tied To Your Career

When it comes to your job (or anything really), being happy is obviously better than being sad. But what about just being “content” with your job? Is that enough?

Generally speaking, you should feel - at the very least - more than just content with your job. Just being “okay” isn’t enough, it should make you feel good in some way on a regular basis, and that "good" should clearly outweigh the negatives of your career.

If you stick with your “okay” job, you’ll definitely start to feel that stagnation and lack of satisfaction eventually.

4 You Have An Incompetent/Unethical/Mean Boss

One of the more obvious clues that you should look for a new job or career is this one - the less than stellar boss. Having a great job doesn’t mean much if the person giving out the orders is terrible. You might think that having a bad boss is just part of being an adult, but it isn’t.

Being an adult means choosing a suitable, satisfying career, and making sure your boss is just as suitable to you as well.

3 You Are Only Happy When The Weekend Approaches

You’ve probably heard the phrase “working for the weekend” before, but have you ever considered if it applied to you? Do you keep looking at the calendar, hoping that Friday comes as quick as possible? Even if you have no actual plans for the weekend?

That’s a clear sign that you’re wasting your time at a job you have no interest in.

2 The Company Is Going Under

If your company just did a round of layoffs but you made the cut, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Fewer co-workers can only mean more work for you, and without the appropriate raise in compensation.

The only possible outcome of a situation like this is either you’re lucky and nothing changes, or your services are taken advantage of. If you sense that bad things are coming for the company you work for, you should probably start looking for a new career, just in case.

1 You’re Under-appreciated/Undervalued

One of the most important parts of a strong, satisfying career is knowing that what you do matters. Not necessarily in the big picture, but at the very least to your fellow co-workers and boss. The people you spend so much time with should make it clear that they appreciate you, but if all they do is drop excess work on you and don’t thank you for your hard work, what’s the point?

Everybody deserves to have the work they do be appreciated, no matter what type of job or career it is. If you feel this way often, start looking for new work asap.

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10 Hints That You Should Look For A New Job