10 High-Paying Careers You Don't Need A Bachelor's Degree For

Not everyone can make millions just by doing what they love to do. We can't just say that we want to be the quarterback for the Denver Broncos and immediately start training camp. Nor can we star in the next big blockbuster in Hollywood by becoming the next Angelina Jolie (although stranger things have happened). So, the rest of us need to figure out how we are going to make a living, and while some people are happy with not making a lot of money, there are others who want to make as much as possible without having to go through a lot of schooling to get there.

The average four-year degree is $30,000. A lot of people can afford this, while others can get assistance for paying for their Bachelor's degree. Most people don't think about the costs of repaying their student loans while they are applying for college, though. If you aren't the kind of person who can afford to go to school, work a full-time job, and take care of a family while doing so, you may want to consider finding another career that pays well without having to pay off debt for the rest of your life.

The careers on this list are by no means jobs for people who aren't smart enough to go to school, they are for those who simply cannot do the four-year college. They may have already gotten their Associate's Degree, and decided that they can no longer continue with sitting still in a classroom. Or they just might have kids and can't take the time to go to school while raising a family. The jobs here range from just under $70,000 a year to a little over $100,000. That's not bad for someone who has never even stepped foot on a college campus.

11 Transportation Inspector, Median Salary - $69,170

Education Needed: High School Diploma, On-the-Job Training

10 First-Line Supervisors of Fire Fighting & Prevention Workers, Median Salary - $70,670

Education Needed: Associate's Degree, On-the-Job Training

9 Dental Hygienist, Median Salary - $71,520

Education Needed: Associate's Degree

8 Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Median Salary - $72,100


Education Needed: Associate's Degree

Most of the occupations related to diagnostic technology all pay pretty well, and you only need an Associate's Degree in order to do the job. The one that pays the most is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, with the salary range around $72,000.

7 Commercial Pilot, Median Salary - $75,620

Education Needed: On-the-Job Training

6 Elevator Installer or Repairer, Median Salary - $78,620

Education Needed: Apprenticeship

5 Detective or Criminal Investigator, Median Salary - $79,870

Education Needed: On-the-Job Training

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a private eye? If this sounds like something that you need to go through years of schooling to do, then you are mistaken. If you find the right place, you can get on-the-job training to become a criminal investigator, and you can make a lot of money doing so, as well.

4 First-Line Supervisor of Police & Detectives, Median Salary - $80,930

Education Needed: On-the-Job Training

3 Nuclear Power Reactors Operator, Median Salary - $82,500

Education Needed: On-the-Job Training

2 Air Traffic Controller, Median Salary - $122,340


Education Needed: Associate's degree

If you are looking for one of the most stressful jobs you could possibly have without needing an advanced degree, you may consider controlling the traffic in the skies. It is rumored that most people who are in the business are very stressed, and with great reason. The ones who control the sky have to determine when and where the airplanes are at almost all times, when and where they land, and are responsible for all of the lives that are travelling by air. If you are still looking to make a little over 100 grand every year for doing this, there are a few things that you need to consider first. You have to be no older than 31 years old, have a great attitude (they don't want depressed people involved in deciding the lives of millions of others), pass many exams, and speak English. Those who want to do this must join the FAA Academy to learn the job, as well.


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10 High-Paying Careers You Don't Need A Bachelor's Degree For