10 Great Jobs For Animal Lovers

It's so important to find a job that will not only make you a great salary, but that will fulfill you and make you excited every day. Business consultant and motivational speaker Brian Tracy once said

It's so important to find a job that will not only make you a great salary, but that will fulfill you and make you excited every day. Business consultant and motivational speaker Brian Tracy once said, "If you are in a job that you hate, leave it as quickly as if you are leaving a burning building." To live a truly happy and full life, you must find a career that is going to allow you to do something that you love!

And what is more lovable than a cute, cuddly animal? Yes, some people manage to turn their love of critters into a career, and they're happier for it. Whether these individuals are looking to help our furry friends who live among us in our homes, or they are looking to help wildlife out in nature, there are many different jobs and career paths that can help a person fill that need to work with and help animals.

There are different types of schooling and training that individuals need to go through for the different career choices within the world of animals. By first deciding what career you want to go into, you can more effectively gain the skills, certifications, and education that you need to be proficient in any chosen animal career.

So, for people interested in working with beasts of any size, here are 10 possibilities.

Becoming a Veterinarian can be a very fulfilling career. Whether you are looking to start your own animal hospital, your own clinic, or work for a larger company, being a veterinarian is a very good way to secure a great income while also contributing to the overall health and safety of animals in your community.

9 Wildlife Biologist

Becoming a wildlife biologist can be a great endeavor for those who love both animals and science. Wildlife Biologists constantly are studying the environments of animals, their population, demographics, and more.

8 Groomer

Becoming a groomer is a great way for those who love animals to spend more time with them everyday. While the salary isn't the greatest when working for a bigger company, those who are tenacious and business minded could really find great financial success when they embark on starting their own dog grooming company.

7 Dog Walker

As well as being a dog groomer, being a dog walker is great for those who are looking to start their own business. There aren't that many companies out there that are offering employment to dog walkers, but there are many potential clients out there waiting to have their dogs taken out by a professional.

6 Fish & Game Warden

For those who love the outdoors, being a fish & game warden could be a great career. Fish & game wardens are responsible for making sure that all of the poaching rules are being enforced.

5 Zoologist

Becoming a Zoologist is great for those who are looking to spend a lot of time directly with animals, or in study of those animals. Many Zoologists work in Zoos directly with zoo personnel, directing the care of the animals.

4 Marine Biologist

Marine Biology is the study of all living organisms in the earth's bodies of water. Our oceans cover 70 percent of the earth's surface, and the number of living organisms is three times more than that on our earths surface. This gives marine biologist a wide selection of options when it comes to their fields of work.

3 Wildlife Photographer

Becoming a Wildlife Photographer can be a very fulfilling career for those who are both into animals and photography. The life of a Wildlife Photographer is pretty uprooted however. Wildlife photographers must be willing to travel for months at a time and work very hard once they get there.

2 Pet Sitter

For those who love household pets, becoming a pet sitter can really be a rewarding job. There aren't too many existing companies out there who are looking to hire pet sitters, so it usually an entrepreneurial endeavor when someone wants to become a pet sitter.

1 Veterinary Technician

Becoming a Veterinary Technician is a great career for those who want to help animals on a daily basis. To become a veterinary technician, one must complete a 2 year associates degree. The job market is continuing to grow for those who want to be Veterinary Technicians, so this truly is a good industry to go into.

Veterinary Technicians help to diagnose the illnesses and injuries of animals by running tests under the supervision of the Veterinarian themselves. The Vet Tech has a great role to play in providing a third party perspective when it comes to diagnosing the injuries and illnesses of an animal. Any truly great Veterinarian is only as good as their Vet Tech in the end.

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10 Great Jobs For Animal Lovers