Real Madrid The Richest Football Club In The World

There's no question that football has big money, around 6 billion dollars were spent in the last world cup in South Africa. According to Deloitte’s football rich list, the richest football club for eight years in a row remains Real Madrid. In 2012, it has broken all records by making a profit above 500 million euros ( a bit less than 800 million dollars ). IF Real Madrid are the richest football club for the ninth time in a row in 2013, they’ll beat Manchester United’s record of being the richest football club for 8 consecutive seasons.

According to Deloitte, "Real have led the way in the phenomenal level of revenue growth enjoyed by the sport's top clubs over the past two decades", they also said: "The Spanish club's revenue growth has been remarkable. In 1996-97, the first season for which we published our Money League analysis, Real generated revenues of 85m euros, one sixth of the revenues they generated in 2011-12."

Deloitte also emphasized on the club’s tenacity at bringing in income steadily from multiple sources; 25% of income is brought in from match days, 36% comes in from commercial sales, and 39% fManchester United remains the most valuable team between all the big bucks football clubs, with a value estimated at 2.24 billion dollars – 400 million more than Real Madrid, but their revenue standing is at third place after Real Madrid at first place, and Barcelona at second.

In the richest club list by Deloitte, these monster earners are followed by Bayern Munich and then Chelsea, which have both noticed a noticeable boost, especially Chelsea after their latest Champions League win.

There has also been an evident rise to Manchester City’s earnings, 286 million euros of profits should worry their competitors in the list; with a boost of around 40% from the last season after topping the Premier League. This was heavily influenced by the club’s 10 year sponsorship with Etihad Airways which gave the team a massive amount of money (around 500 million euros).

The rest of the clubs in the rich list are Arsenal 6th, AC Milan 8th. Liverpool 9th, and Juventus at the 10th position.

Deloitte predicts that in the years to come, more English clubs will be in the top 20 rich clubs due to Premier League TV rights bringing in a new bumper deal worth 3 billion dollars.

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