Josh James the story of a college drop out millionaire

Josh James is a superstar in the business start up, tech start up, and business leadership game. He is a local celebrity in his home state of Utah, and is regularly attending business seminars where he gives business hopefuls advice on becoming successful in the tech industry.

He began as a student at Brigham Young Universtity where he met his business partner John Pestana ( also known by his nickname as Johnny P). They met in a business class while John Pestana was pursuing a theater degree in the performing arts.

Josh James would always sit in the back row of the class, kind of goofing off and giving funny answers. John Pestana would sit in the front row and always knew the answers to all the important questions.

When it came time for the business students to pick partners for their final project, Josh James practically ran to the front of the room to get the smartest kid in the class on his team, John Pestana. What started as a class project turned into a business model. They entered this business model into the critically acclaimed Business Model Competition that Brigham Young University holds every year.

John Pestana and Josh James ended up winning the Business Model Competition and were awarded 50,000$. Soon after this they both dropped out of college to pursue their business full time. They used these funds to start their company Omniture. Omniture was an advanced business and web analytics software that allowed businesses to track their customer usage of their online e commerce business.

Their company took off faster than anyone would have imagined. By 2006 it was being traded public on the New York Stock Exchange. Adobe offered to buy this company for 1.8 Billion Dollars.

Josh James walked away from this deal with over 100,000,000$. Not bad for a college drop out!

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Josh James the story of a college drop out millionaire