How To Ace An Interview

If you want to get rich you need to start off somewhere. Start by acing your interview and then you can work your way up to your ultimate goal. The fact that you have an interview is a success in i

If you want to get rich you need to start off somewhere. Start by acing your interview and then you can work your way up to your ultimate goal.

The fact that you have an interview is a success in itself, start by being proud that you went out and have been given an opportunity to introduce yourself and your abilities to a company. Remember this is a two way interview. This is an opportunity for you to interview the company as well.

7 Research

Make sure you know some background about the company. Learn details about what the company does, who plays the major roles and most importantly about the position you are being interviewed for. We all know it can nerve racking to enter an interview, even if you have plenty of experience.  Try to remain calm, confident but not cocky. Take time to think about your answers, and ask questions. If you are wondering about a certain aspect of the job, simply ask. If you do not understand a question, don’t be shy to ask for clarification. Believe me, any employer would rather you be inquisitive, rather than staying silent.

Unless the topic is brought up, it is not suggested to ask about salary during the first interview. When you are called back for a second interview or that you got the job only then is it appropriate to speak of or  negotiate salary.

6 When You Arrive

The first impression you make is a vital part of the interview, therefor the first 15-20 seconds are very important.  Make eye contact, but don’t stare them down. Shake hands with a firm (not death grip) handshake. Sit up straight and make sure your body language shows full interest. Face your body toward the interviewer, don’t squirm in your seat and try not to fold your arms. A slouch will show laziness, arms folded will indicate a lack of interest. Squirming in your seat can indicate someone that is withholding some truth.

5 Questions

Plan ahead by researching frequently asked questions. A common type of interview  is a Behavioral Interview. With this type of interview you will be asked detailed questions about your past experiences. The belief is that the best way to tell your skills and abilities is to judge you based on your past work experiences. Prepare factual information on how you have proven yourself to be a true asset to your previous employer.

Seeing as you have done the proper research on the company, make sure you are ready to handle the questions. You will need to be prepared to answer the questions like:

"What do you know about our company?”

"Why do you want to work here?”

“Why are you a good candidate for this position?”

The most difficult question is “What are your weaknesses?” Be prepared for that one. Please not reply with “I have no weaknesses” this will come across overconfident. We all have things we need to work on. Respond with positivity, and aspects that you would like to learn more about. If you are applying for a job that requires you to work in sales, do not reply with, "I’m working on my anger management issues ". Try something like “I would like to work on new sales techniques”.

TIP: When you are explaining a situation at a previous job, briefly explain the situation, and how you dealt with it positively. Mention the way you have been proactive in past work experiences.


4 Plan Ahead

Make sure you know how to get to the location. If you aren't sure, take a test run days before, this way you will avoid getting lost the day of the interview. Being on time is very important, so make sure you allow yourself ample time to get to the interview. Always try to show up to the location at least 15 minutes in advance. Even if you have to wait, it’s better than being late.

3 Grooming

Outfit, no matter what your job position is, make sure you dress appropriately. Don’t show too much skin (no shorts, short skirts, string tank tops, open toe sandals) and make sure your clothes look clean, ironed and well put together. Plan your outfit the night before, that way you won’t have a difficult time in the morning. All in all make sure you are well groomed.


2 Your Turn

During the interview, the table will be handed over to you. You will be asked “do you have any questions?”  This is your time to make sure this company is suited for you as well. Ask questions, such as the daily responsibilities as well as any other tasks that you will have.

1 After The Interview

After the interview, send a thank you email to confirm your gratitude as well as interest in the position.

Keep in mind, you got the interview, therefore there is something about or your resume that has their attention. So be confident in knowing you are worth it and that you are the perfect candidate for the position. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect them to.

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How To Ace An Interview