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Expensive Franchises in the U.S.

Expensive Franchises in the U.S.

A lot of people who are looking to make money without having to answer to a boss open up their own franchises. Unfortunately these take a lot of money in order to purchase initially, which means a lot of money will need to be borrowed. However, a good franchise can result in money being returned pretty fast, which can mean a great business that makes a lot of money well into the future.

10. Hardee’s – $1.6 Million + 4% Royalty


The brother fast-food restaurant to Carl’s Jr, Hardee’s is big in the South and Midwest states of the country. It was opened shortly after Carl’s Jr and now has spread to locations all over the world. The cost for a franchise is $1.6 million and you will have to pay a 4% royalty fee.

9. Carl’s Jr – $1.8 Million + 4% Royalty


This fast food chain has been open since 1954 and now has restaurants all over the country. You’ll pay $1.8 million to own a franchise, but you will also have to pay a 4% royalty fee on top of that.

8. Denny’s – $2.4 Million + 4% Royalty


This diner can be found all over the world at more than 1,600 restaurants. The $2.4 million may seem steep, but keep in mind that last year they had a net income of $112.29 million, so you can make a lot of money with this investment. It’s also important to keep in mind there’s a 4% royalty fee for all franchise owners.

7. KFC – $2.5 Million + 5% Royalty


If you want to be a part of America’s most well-known fried chicken chain, then it is going to cost you. The franchise will cost you $2.5 million and you will have to pay a royalty of 5%. You can find KFC locations all over the world and revenues reach over $9 billion, so it’s a promising company to invest in.

6. Culver’s – $2.8 Million + 4% Royalty


If you have an extra almost $3 million to spend, then Culver’s might be the right answer for you. This is a fast food chain that specializes in frozen custard and burgers. It’s a favorite in the Midwest states and can be found easily because there are over 450 locations. If you open up one of these, then you have to keep in mind that all franchisees pay a 4% royalty fee.

5. Buffalo Wild Wings – $3 Million


This popular bar and grill chain has over 800 restaurants throughout the country, so buying one of these can prove to be a great investment. However, the cost is around $3.2 million for the franchise, so you’ll have to have a lot of money to spend initially.

4. Golden Corral – $6.7 Million + 4% Royalty


Golden Corral is one of the most popular family-style restaurants that specializes in offering customers a buffer with a variety of different types of food. Each restaurant brings in millions of customers in the 40 states they operate in, so they bring in a considerable amount of money. If you want to purchase one of these franchises for yourself, then expect to pay $6.76 million along with a 4% royalty.

3. AMPM – $7.6 Million + 5% Royalty


If you’ve ever needed a gas station on the West Coast or a bag of chips, then you’ve probably been to an AMPM. This convenience store chain has been around for a while and is found in many different states and even countries, including Brazil and Argentina. The cost for a franchise is $7.6 million and you have to pay a 5% royalty fee in addition to that.

2. Amazing Spaces – More than $8 Million


This is a business that started in 1998 in Houston, Texas. It helps people find storage space that is clean, safe and well appointed. It’s different from other storage facilities because each storage door has an alarm and loading areas are covered instead of out in the open. If you want to open a franchise for this company, then expect to shell out a cool $8.25 million.

1. Choice Hotels International – Under $15 Million


Opening up any hotel is expensive, but if you want to be part of Choice Hotels International, then expect to pay around $14.6 for a franchise. There are many different options of hotels you can offer, as there are many brand names under the Choice Hotels International business. Some of these names include: Comfort Inn, Clarion, Econo Lodge, Mainstay Suites, Cambria Suites and more. A lot of money can be made off of one of these, so the investment can prove to be worth it for those dedicated to working hard.

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