Top 10 Places to Live in Dubai

best places to live in dubai

Article written by: Namra Mansoor

Many are drawn in by the grandeur of Dubai and the luxuries that living in the Emirates offers a certain resident. The fast-paced and extravagant lifestyle, lazy evenings on beautiful beaches and extraordinary retail therapies Dubai has up for grabs make many want to set up home in this wonderland. Alas, most people have no idea where to find a residence suited to their budget, and end up missing out on all the fun.

But worry not, the folks at Bayut.com are here to help. This list will provide you with the most popular rental localities for living in Dubai and tell you what’s hot and happening within this amazing paradise. So dig in and make up your mind on which part of Dubai you should call home!

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10 Dubai Marina

The wondrous man-made Dubai marina is an emblem of and extravagant lifestyle. The posh locality is filled with state-of-the-art waterfront residences and houses renowned buildings like the world’s tallest residential structure, Princess Tower. Even though a studio apartment here would set you back AED 82,118 ($22,356 USD) per year on average, the luxurious enclave offers world-class high-end shopping malls, cafes, gyms, waterside walkways and numerous other entertainment facilities that make living in the area an experience to remember.

9 Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Grandiose living in Dubai gets slightly more affordable in Jumeirah Lake Towers. With facilities that almost match those of Dubai Marina, as well as its proximity to it, JLT is the choice of the white-collar class living in Dubai. A studio apartment in the impressive high-rises in JLT will cost AED 77,116 ($20,994 USD) per annum and afford residents a peaceful view of the beautiful man-made lakes that surround the development.

8 Bur Dubai

Speaking of affordability, this historic district of Dubai is your safest bet. Additionally, if you are moving from South Asia, a localized, homely environment is guaranteed. Bur Dubai directly translated to Mainland Dubai, referring to its separation from the Deira district by the Dubai Creek. With average studio rents hovering around AED 64,571 ($17,579 USD), this creek-facing locality is also known for its intimacy with Dubai’s cultural history.

7 Downtown Dubai

Opulence, thou hath found thy manifestation. Downtown Dubai is wondrous by all means. Housing the tallest man-made structure on earth – the Burj Khalifa – the grandest of grand shopping malls – the Dubai Mall – and the mystic Dubai Fountains, this area defines living life to the fullest. The residential buildings in the area offer breath-taking views of the Burj Khalifa and allow you the opportunity to rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of Dubai. Hence, the premium rents in the locality. A studio apartment in Downtown would cost AED 96,253 ($ 26,204 USD) per annum on average.

6 Business Bay

Neighboring Downtown Dubai, Business Bay is indeed the business lifeline of the city. With an average studio coming at AED 79,433 ($ 21625 USD) a year, property here is precious for being in the centre of the city's business activity. It’s a popular choice for business leaders who want home and work to be a stone’s throw away at all times. This city with a city is truly the place to live in Dubai if you want to be in the center of everything and have the easiest access to all commodities.

5 Al Barsha

Developed for residential purposes in the west of Dubai, Al Barsha caters to the educational, sporting and affordable living needs of the population. This is a relatively new development and although not as densely populated as other areas of the Emirate, features landmarks like the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai American Academy, American School of Dubai and Dubai Autodrome. Falling close to Dubai Marina and Jumeira Lake Towers, rents for studio apartments in the area are close to AED 70,000 ($ 19,057 USD) a year.

4 Deira

Deira is one of the oldest localities of the city and sits along the banks of Dubai creek. The populous commercial area is up for developments in the coming years and will soon feature over and underground metro tracks, new shopping areas and high rise buildings. Home to popular South Asian traditional eateries and retail outlets, the area offers South Asians a home away from home. Deira has numerous affordable living options and average annual rents for studio apartments fall around the AED 65,000 ($ 17,695 USD) mark.

3 Dubai Sports City

Via dsc.ae

This locality aims at catering to residents with the great outdoors on their mind. Home to various sports stadiums, arenas and gymnasiums, an active lifestyle is what you get in Dubai Sports City. It features the beautiful The Els Club Golf Course, Rugby Park, Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Spanish Soccer Schools and the ICC Academy.

The area is also famous for its residential facilities and modest prices. The rent of a studio apartment in the area is around AED 51,360 ($ 13982 USD) per year on average.

2 Palm Jumeirah

best places to live in dubai

These one-of-a-kind man-made islands are connected to the mainland city through a monorail. The Palm Jumeirah is the first of three planned islands making up Dubai's Palm Islands project, the other two of which have been on hold since 2008. A magnificent abode for spending your holidays, the islands consist of a number of sumptuous hotels and resorts sitting between opulent sea-facing villas. Costing AED 83,547 ($ 22,745 USD) per annum on average, a studio apartment in the area could be the setting for your perfect weekend getaway just as easily as it could be your new home.

1 Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Facing the Persian Gulf on the west, this water-front area offers a serene living environment with the calming Arabian Sea as your immediate neighbor. The JBR $6 billion development was launched in 2002 and completed in 2010 and includes 40 towers able to accommodate 15,000 residents. This area is famous for The Walk, a 1.7 km strip containing stores, restaurants and cafes, and other services. One of the more posh living areas in Dubai, the cost of a studio apartment here lies close to AED 85,540 ($ 23,287 USD) per annum.

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