The Most Corrupt Countries in the World

No country is immune from corruption. However, there are some nations where corruption is tolerated and even considered a way of life.

The World Economic Forum estimates that on a yearly basis corruption adds up to 10 percent to the cost of doing business globally. This pain is more felt in developing nations, and those just recovering from decades of unrest, where corruption adds up an estimated 25 percent to the cost of procurement contracts.

These are the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world right now, according to the Maplecroft Corruption Risk Index.

10 Venezuela

9 Cambodia

8 North Korea

7 Guinea

6 Equatorial Guinea

5 Zimbabwe

4 Sudan

3 Myanmar

2 Somalia

1 Democratic Republic of Congo

While the DRC is now considerably stable years of infighting, there is still little progress and development. A sound legal structure is still not in place, the government itself does not publicly discuss how it decides to spend its budget, leaving many people sorely lacking what they really need and having to rely on grease money to make sure they can get it. The sectors that are most involved in corruption include the mining sector, forestry, tax and customs and even the state-run enterprises.

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The Most Corrupt Countries in the World