The best place in the country to get a job, Provo Utah

Provo, Utah was just ranked number one on the Forbes.com list of best places to find a job or a career in the United States. There are a lot of options for finding jobs, or starting a career in Provo, whereas most of these opportunities are resting upon the backbone of Brigham Young Universtity.

Brigham Young University is nestled at the foot of the Wasatch mountains, in a beautiful campus that is maintained to a T. Just over 30,000 students attend this school each semester, making it one of the nations largest private universities, number 3 to be exact.

Brigham Young University has been growing rapidly over the last 5 years, expanding departments, building new structures, and robustly adding to their sports programs. Their state of the art broadcasting center is located just across the parking lot from their basketball stadium making broadcasting their sporting events a breeze. Their Marriot school of business is one of the top schools in the nation for entrepreneurship and accounting.  With all of this robust growth withing the University, the amount of hiring is very steady at this school. This school alone accounts for almost 10,000 jobs.

Nu Skin international is also a great company within downtown Provo which boasts for almost over 5,000 employees. These numbers for Brigham Young University and Nu Skin might seem small, but a large majority of these jobs are full time salary careers, vs. part time factory work. Software giant Novell, with headquarters in Provo, also accounts for almost 5,000 jobs.

Provo Utah is a wonderful place to find a job or start a career. The beautiful mountain landscapes will awe and inspire you. If you need a change of pace, and a new career, Provo might just be the place for you!


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