7 Industries That Could Revive The Rust Belt

The region that is now known as the rust belt was once one of the major manufacturing regions of the world. It contributed greatly to the rise of the country into the most prosperous on the planet and

The region that is now known as the rust belt was once one of the major manufacturing regions of the world. It contributed greatly to the rise of the country into the most prosperous on the planet and won many wars in the interest and wellbeing of the country as a whole. The region is rich with people and natural resources, making it an attractive area to establish major manufacturing industries that employed millions of people. It was also the starting point of the fortunes of many of the richest people in the history of this country.

Since the 1960's, however, its importance started to decline as globalization took hold and many industries stopped manufacturing in the United States for cheaper opportunities overseas. Many of the natural resources of the region also dried up, and as a result, this region of the United States lost many incentives for businesses to continue operations in that region. As many industries moved out, many cities and counties lost a lot of value and vacancy went up.

The region has been struggling ever since. The general economic sluggishness, combined with a general lack of interest in the area, have been unkind. Now, though, there are many things going for the rust belt that allow it the potential to rise up again should industries decide to come back. Many studies have shown that it is exactly what is happening, but what will bring the rust belt back to the glory days? Here are some industries that may do just that.

7 Green Technology

It is only a matter of time before the new green revolution comes to the United States in force, and it is only a matter of time before the demand for new technologies skyrockets. With empty factory spaces and a lot of labor to take advantage of, in addition to location and opportunity for growth, the rust belt is the perfect place to establish these industries.

6 Agriculture

Large parts of these rust belt cities are abandoned and riddled with crime and poverty. The future of many of these cities is in question, as urban and regional planners try to tackle this problem in innovative ways.

One of the most original ideas that planners have proposed is to turn large empty neighborhoods into urban agricultural projects. Urban agriculture has been most prevalent in Detroit, where a quarter of the city has been proposed to be taken down and replaced with agricultural fields.

5 Manufacturing

Many business owners want to bring manufacturing back to the United States. Many industries have also accomplished that and re-opened factories in many places in the United States. The rust belt has not fully rebounded from the decline of industry, and there is always room to bring back more jobs to the region.

4 Arts

Art may seem like an odd thing to look at when looking at the revival of the rust belt, but this region of the United States is one of the most beautiful places in all the country, and there are many opportunities for artists to find their voice and to establish businesses and followings. The region has always been a center of art and the cities in the region are attracting art again.

3 Transportation And Logistics

The rust belt is still a center of transportation of all types throughout the country. Roads, railroads, and other types of infrastructure from all around the country meet up here. The location of this region in relation to the rest of the country is very important to many industries and has contributed to the slight revival of the manufacturing of the region.

2 High-Tech

As traditional manufacturing decreases in importance, the economy is slowly coming back in these regions in the form of high-tech industries. Not only are new industries popping up, but industries that were once traditionally done by hand are now being done by robots and computers in the same buildings and in the same cities that they were always in.

1 Education

Education, especially technical education, is a perpetual gold mine of potential. As an area with a high number of manufacturing jobs, unemployed and underemployed workers without necessary skills for the future, and the high amount of traffic that comes through the region, there is a lot of potential to educate new and old generations of workers who are looking to work in industry and on the future of the region.

The potential for jobs are there, but many workers need new skills to remain competitive, which serves as a great supplement for the increasing number of students looking for an education without having to go to a traditional university. Those two forces alone provide potential university founders a great incentive to establish technical schools throughout the rust belt.

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7 Industries That Could Revive The Rust Belt