11 Reasons Dubai Is the Perfect Place For Business and Investment

In the span of a few short years Dubai has become a business and leisure hotspot of global proportions. We've seen the lavish hotels, crystalline waters and exotic supercars that line the streets, but many people across the world are still left wondering what makes this amazing city all so special. Well, the good people at www.bayut.com have helped us compile the top 11 reasons why Dubai is just what the doctor ordered for everything business-related.

From indoor skiing to underwater hotel rooms to the largest building on earth, Dubai is a booming metropolis with all the opportunities for business and commerce that one could hope for. Its unique location, climate and the wealth that flows through the city give it virtually unlimited potential for growth and development. We have truly just seen the beginning of what Dubai has to offer. And it's already enough to leave our jaws on the floor.

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11 Geo-Strategic Location

Via where-is-dubai.com

Dubai is and has surely become the bridge between the East and the West thanks to its strategic location on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. It sits on an important ancient trade route that has been equally important in modern day trading between countries, making Dubai a natural pit stop for businesses moving from East to West and vice versa.

Its hot climate also makes Dubai a literal hot spot for tourism and travel. It's a topical paradise for visitors across the world, which also makes it an alluring place for investors looking to capitalize on a strong tourism sector.

10 Infrastructure

Yes, the USA, Australia, and Singapore all have their fair share of tall buildings and impressive infrastructure. However, Dubai has outshined them all with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, as well as numerous other awe-inspiring structures including hotels, offices and residential buildings.

Dubai’s road and maritime infrastructure is also second to none and comparable to the best in the world. Not to forget Dubai offers one of the cheapest modes of transport across the region with bus and taxi services, a metro system, tram line and a high speed railway in the works.

Additional plans are set to break even more world records with the world’s tallest residential building, the highest Ferris wheel, and the largest water canal, among other projects.

9 Ports

Dubai has one of the most efficient and well equipped sea ports in the world that can handle millions of tons of cargo each year without breaking a sweat. Dubai’s port has time and again been chosen by freight giants as their preferred cargo handling destination. The port’s capabilities add to Dubai’s allure as a high quality business enabler, allowing for companies to transport large quantities of their products across the world with ease.

8 Recreational and Leisure Facilities

Recreation may be offered everywhere, but nowhere is it offered the way Dubai does. Dubai has exceptional recreational and leisure facilities and also provides visitors with unparalleled hospitality. Whether it's snorkelling, underwater hotel rooms, sky-high tennis courts, or indoor skiing, Dubai has it all. As a result, businesses focusing on or related to such recreational services are sure to have a steady stream of clients all year round. Also, localities around these top-notch recreational facilities tend to appreciate in value rapidly, making them a fine investment avenue.

7 Theme Parks and Beaches

While the emirate has many recreational facilities, theme parks and beaches are firmly planted on top as major tourist attractions. Having the world’s best theme parks and exceptional beaches, Dubai is a hotspot for tourist travelling from all corners of the world throughout the whole year. Want to go skiing in a country with a desert climate? Dubai makes that possible. That’s reason enough for businesses and foreign investors to start and strike gold here. After all, money is where the masses are.

6 Wealth and Luxury Lifestyle

The people in Dubai love to indulge in luxury, their immense wealth allowing them to be as impulsive a buyer as can be. This wealth and luxury lifestyle is a major attraction for businesses, allowing them to cater to a people somewhat immune to global slowdowns and downtrends. Dubai’s unemployment rate is an exceptional 4% and means money remains in circulation. Businesses and foreign investors want to be where people are willing to spend, and people are more than definitely willing to do that in Dubai.

5 Exceptional Real Estate Returns

Many people are flocking to Dubai to invest in the emirate’s real estate, where rental returns remain among the best in the world! This provides all the more motivation for investing in Dubai to gain from its bustling real estate sector, one that is growing yearly at a tremendous rate. In fact, Dubai's real estate and construction sectors are the single largest contributor to the city's economy, contributing 22.6%. Bayut.com offers all of the best real estate deals available in Dubai and the UAE.

4 Continuous Construction

The construction industry in Dubai is very busy all year around as malls, retail outlets, entertainment attractions, and residential communities are always being added to the city's infrastructure. While this creates more jobs, it also provides more business opportunities and plenty of options for investors. They can purchase a commercial property, buy a stake in a business, or purchase a promising residential property. There is so much to offer and only more to come as the city continues to expand and develop!

3 Tax-Free Economy

Yup! Dubai is a tax-free economy, meaning property and income are not taxed by the government. That gives businesses and foreign investors the full freedom to reap all of their earnings. Imagine owning a business and getting to keep 100% of the profits! Needless to say, that is motivation enough to invest there.

Dubai is also ranked as the seventh most visited city in the world and the fastest growing city based on air traffic. That being said, shopping is a huge economic force, aided greatly by the city's booming tourism sector.

2 Expo 2020

Expo 2020 will be huge and plans for it begun several years ago. With only four years left until the big event, Dubai is developing fast and strengthening itself for further business and tourism opportunities, and bolstered trade relations. What does this mean for businesses? A global clientele, higher profits and exceptional prospects, specifically after the big event! It also means an acceleration in the value of everything - all the more reason for foreign investors to choose the emirate as an investment haven.

1 Political and Economic Stability

Deteriorating law and order is one of the main reasons for the flight of capital from a country. However, Dubai’s government has taken good care of these concerns, offering political as well as economic stability through various programs. Whether it is education, health, recreation, residency or other facilities, Dubai’s government is doing its very best to provide the best environment for investors and businesses. Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world and the UAE’s impeccable security measures are unlikely to offer surprise shocks to the investors’ baskets of goods.

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