Would You Pay $20 a Month for your Twitter Account?

Facebook and Twitter are the two largest social media sites in the world. Facebook has five times more users and is at least 10 times more valuable than Twitter, though the gap between these two can be reduced. How? Joe Fahmy suggests that it can be done either by having the users pay a monthly/annual fee or charge celebrities and big news services. How much the fee will cost is up for debate.

This will of course be on top of Twitter's current plan of selling sponsored tweets and ads. Fahmy further argues that more money can be derived if the social media site uses Jack Dorsey's online payment scheme as the only payment mode. Assuming that it has 'x' million users each charged at $100 a year then revenues could project from $1 billion to $6 billion which is roughly what Facebook generates currently. It is a matter of time before people see Joe's idea come to life or not.

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Would You Pay $20 a Month for your Twitter Account?