Top 10 Richest Video Game Developers in the World

The video game industry has come a long way from the days of pioneers like Super Mario Brothers. The gaming realm has expanded beyond plumbers rescuing princesses and into seemingly endless possibilit

The video game industry has come a long way from the days of pioneers like Super Mario Brothers. The gaming realm has expanded beyond plumbers rescuing princesses and into seemingly endless possibilities and scenarios to fully engage the gamer in their experience. Not to mention, the console wars ensure that the beneficiary of the battle for superior renderings and killer graphics is the everyday gamer. Today, the gaming industry has never been better or as lucrative.

Financially, developers are reaping the benefits of the explosion of gaming interest among the masses. The proliferation of companies producing their own original games only builds a broader base of fans that will follow the brand to whichever console they serve. As a result, the developers, as well as the big-time consoles, are raking in the cash.

Odds are if you are a gamer, you have played a product of one of these ten wealthy game developers. In what is a multi-billion dollar industry, the gamers fuel the creative machines that advance the overall gaming experience. The future is bright for all involved with the video game industry.

10 Square Enix - Value: $1.26 billion


The Japanese company is most famous for creating the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts series of games. The Final Fantasy series has sold over 110 million copies as of June 2014, making it by far their best-selling franchise to date. Building on their status as role playing game masters, Kingdom Hearts, in conjunction with Disney, is a rising star in the RPG genre, selling over 20 million copies as of March 2014.

9 Ubisoft - Value: $1.85 billion

Among the independent game companies in the industry, Ubisoft is the third largest behind only Activision and Electronic Arts. However, the French company is not lacking in resources or popular titles in their reserves. Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell are among the famous titles developed by Ubisoft.

Founded in 1986 by the five Guillemot brothers, Ubisoft started out as a French distributor for games created by Electronic Arts, Sierra On-Line, and Microprose. Soon thereafter, the company set its sights on the U.S., United Kingdom, and Germany, distributing games in these markets. By the early ‘90s, Ubisoft turned towards development, beginning with online games such as Everquest.

8 Konami - Value: $3.24 billion

Konami is a conglomerate of many products, including the development of video games. Trading cards, slot machines, arcade games, and even the management of health clubs all fall under the Konami umbrella of products and services. However, video games are where Konami makes the majority of their revenue.

7 Electronic Arts - Value: $4.14 billion

6 Namco Bandai - Value: $4.74 billion

Namco’s roots lie in arcades all over the world. The Japanese company’s domain is the amusement park, supplying large scale arcade games. None other than the most famous of all arcade game characters, Pac-Man, was created by Namco.

5 Activision Blizzard - Value: $4.85 billion


4 Sega - Value: $4.9 billion

3 Nintendo - Value: $6.28 billion

2 Microsoft Studios - Value: $12.82 billion

Formed in conjunction with the establishment of the Xbox in 2002, Microsoft Studios added another lucrative option to the stable at technology giant, Microsoft. Microsoft Studios’ products flood the market on numerous devices not limited to the traditional gaming console. The company produces games for Windows PCs as well as the Windows Phone.

1 Sony Computer Entertainment - Value: $13.4 billion

The creative force behind Sony’s Playstation line of consoles, Sony Computer Entertainment is the king of video game development. Among Sony’s hits include the God of War and Gran Turismo franchises. God of War, the Greek mythology-based adventure epic, has spawned six sequels to its name, spanning multiple platforms under the Sony banner. However, Gran Turismo has claimed the title of best-selling franchise by Sony since its debut in 1997. The grand touring style racing game has been at forefront in terms of aesthetic advances in game development. Also, it does not hurt that over the years, the selection of cars to choose from has grown from 140 to 1226 in the latest edition, 2013’s Gran Turismo 6. These two titles are a small sample as to why Sony is the current king of the video game kingdom.

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Top 10 Richest Video Game Developers in the World